Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Never Give In

“Never give in and never give up.” - Hubert H. Humphrey

Character and career is something that you should not put into somebody’s hands. Character should be as per your convictions. And career is should be based on your passion.

A person who compromises on everything will never succeed in his life. He will not have any identity for himself. The person who sticks to his principles and convictions through thick and thin will forever be remembered in the history of mankind. And rest will remain like lay men.

Abraham Lincoln is remembered for his anti-slavery policies. Martin Luther King is remembered for his struggle for equality of blacks along with whites through his non-violence methods. Mahatma Gandhi is also remembered for fighting for independence through truth and non-violence. All these three leaders never gave in despite assassination threats and ultimately have been assassinated. Another leader, Nelson Mandela is remembered for fighting against apartheid in South Africa. He never compromised and gave in despite being jailed for many years. What made them stand apart from others is not giving in.

It is unfortunate that a few people lose so much for so little due to dearth of principles and values in their lives. Sometimes it is also due to dearth of tenacity and resilience. The initial enthusiasm of preserving principles fades away with the passage of time and the kind of experiences one undergoes during lifetime. When people are subjected to severe trials and tribulations they tend to shift their gears from principles thereby giving in. Ultimately the difference between an ordinary and extra-ordinary person is not giving in at any cost.

For instance, there is a woman by name, Susan who is packed with principles. She works in a multinational company as an HR manager. She never bows down from her principles and values. She discharges her roles and responsibilities properly without giving any chance for others to point out. She is prompt and punctual in her work. She is very firm, strong and bold. She is respected for her impeccable and intellectual integrity and honesty.

Road to Convictions:

“All the strength and force of man comes from his faith in things unseen. He who believes is strong; he who doubts is weak. Strong convictions precede great actions.” -James Freeman Clarke

The road to convictions is not bed of roses. In contrast, it is bed of thorns. If it were easy everybody would tread the path of convictions. What is required during the journey is faith not fear. Don’t have fear but have faith in your abilities and capabilities. Only when faith overtakes fear you can wholeheartedly stick to your convictions and principles. When you are pretty sure that the path you are going is good and great then this faith alone is sufficient for you to keep you on track. Lord Jesus was crucified on a cross as he did not compromise with his convictions.


“Never for the sake of peace and quiet deny your convictions.” - Dag Hammarskjold

Some people compromise a lot to sustain relationships. But it is not proper. Any relationship requires a kind of ‘give and take’ attitude, where there is need for flexibility to maintain relationships. People need to strike a right balance between relationships and principles. It requires extraordinary courage to balance and sustain relations with mutual dignity and self-respect.

Sometimes, for the sake of your principles, you may have to end your relations. For instance, there was a woman by name Susan who was a capable, educated and dignified. She married with a person who was equally qualified but never respected her individuality. The husband would disturb her frequently on her routine and regular work. He was against her taking up employment. He would dominate her on each and everything and never treated her on par with him. Susan bore the brunt for too long. She tried several times to persuade her husband to change his behavior. The husband came to the extent of insulting her in the presence of others and humiliated her number of occasions. Although she loved her husband she did not like the insults and humiliations. At the end, she divorced him as she did not give in from her convictions.

Core vs. Superficial Values:

Never compromise with your core values and beliefs. The core values are the basic pillars and the foundation of your personality. Core values can be compared with infrastructure while the superficial values can be compared with superstructure. There should not be any compromise on these fundamental principles. However, you may compromise in some values which are superficial. It all depends on the situation and occasion where to bend and blend your superficial values. As every man changes with the changing times, there is a need to change some of our values and principles superficially for the sake of survival.


“He who believes is strong; he who doubts is weak. Strong convictions precede great actions.” - Louisa May Alcott

Don’t allow yourself to be browbeaten by others. Don’t yield to pressures. Hold on to your guns firmly. Be a die hard person. Face the fight and fight on to the finish. It does not matter who wins or loses at the end. But ultimately what matters are the principles and values in waging the battle.

Don’t allow others to override or dictate you. It is your life and you have to take decisions. Don’t become a puppet in the hands of puppeteers. The day you become a puppet you lose your independence, individuality and originality and remain like any other average individual. Giving in-charge of your life to others is like insulting yourself. Never, never and never compromise even if it involves risking ridicule and rejection. Ultimately it is not the destination but the journey towards life that matters at the end.

The End


Anonymous said...

It often takes more inner strength and personal convictions to take a stance on a position, especially if everyone does not agree with you.

Lenny Laskowski, National Best Selling Author, "10 Days to More Confident Public Speaking"

silversting said...

It is the hero within us that we all aspire to become. Most of us give up along the way and settle for less. Many of us remain like driftwood bashed along the shores of life by the tides of time.
The solution is never as important as the effort. The trick is to never give up on trying and despite the resistance your never give in to despair. Give up or never give in.