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Does Obama Deserve Nobel Peace Prize? - Prof.M.S.Rao

“Before you become a leader it’s all about you. After you become a leader it’s all about others. The path to your personal fulfillment is through them” – Kelvin Droegemeier

Barack Obama’s nomination to Nobel peace prize invited both bouquets and brickbats across the world. Is it because he is too young to receive the prize? Or is it because he is yet to prove his credentials? Did he win the award because of his star power or real power?

Obama is the third incumbent American President next to Theodore Roosevelt (1906) and Woodrow Wilson (1919) to bag this prestigious prize. He grabbed the attention of the world within a short time through his persuasion and oratorical skills. He is humble to admit the fact that “I don’t deserve to be in the company of so many transformative figures who have been honoured by this prize.” A few opine that the award is premature. In fact, it is an award to an untried President to accomplish the unaccomplished goals. Everyone was surprised over his nomination including Obama himself who humbly admitted “I am both surprised and humbled by the decision of the Nobel Committee”

About Obama:

There is nothing strange for the world to be surprised over the award when the recipient himself was surprised. But what matters most are not his age but his energy and enthusiasm. He rode to power with his oratorical skills rather political acumen. He is yet to prove his credentials as a President. Can the decision of the Nobel Committee be treated as a slap to his predecessor George W. Bush who was a war-mongerer?

Obama is blessed with both sagacity and intelligence. He is honest and humble to admit the fact that he doesn’t deserve to be in the comity of great leaders. He is a global leader. He is not the leader of America alone. While accepting the nomination he shared with the world citizens. He rightly put it as, “This award is not simply about the efforts of my administration; it’s about the courageous efforts of people around the world. And that’s why this award must be shared with everyone who strives for justice and dignity.”

Although he checked nuclear proliferation and became the pioneer of new climate in international politics he is yet to demonstrate his leadership abilities in several issues facing the world. However he is a ray of hope to mankind for preserving global peace and tranquility in the current context. He is a charismatic leader who is yet to evolve as a transformational leader for making difference to global citizens.

Does Obama Deserve?

“Only very recently has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention.” – Nobel Committee.

He removed the big brother attitude which earlier American presidents demonstrated to the rest of the world especially to the developing countries. He reached out to Muslims globally unlike his predecessor who antagonized Muslims by venturing into Iraq. The world appreciates his earnest efforts for global peace and security and also his concern for environment. He achieved several things silently and modestly.
It is unfair to criticize Nobel Committee for the decision whose intention is to promote global peace, prosperity and ecology. Perhaps Obama was the most visible nominee for the Nobel Committee. It was a practical approach based on ground realities. The committee weighed all the pros and cons before declaring the award. In the case of Obama it is very clear in the mind of Nobel Committee to impress upon the world that it is not the results but the efforts and energies that count in changing the world for betterment.

It is improper to judge a person based on age as people opine that it is too early for him to bag this prize. In fact, the prize is more of pressure rather pleasure for Obama as he is expected to execute lot more things. He has to focus on current economic turmoil as well. He has been repairing America’s relations with Muslims across the world, prioritizing in containing climatic changes and bringing Israelis and Palestinians into negotiations. However, his critics point out that he gives statements, promises and hopes but does not do anything concretely. It seems he should be more practical and realistic in his approaches.


It is a prize not only to Obama but for the entire mankind. He undoubtedly deserves this coveted prize. The award encourages multilateralism rather unilateralism that prevailed until recently before he became the President of America. His greatest challenge now is to convert his charisma into actions. America has to play a crucial role for preserving and promoting global peace and security. It is hoped that he will strive for global peace and leave a mark behind for future generations.
To conclude, it is an award not only for Americans but for the entire mankind. God bless Obama. God bless Americans. And God bless mankind.

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Anonymous said...

This is one of the most insightful, true and honest blogs I have had the pleasure of reading. I commend you on covering the important and pertinent triumphs of President Barack Obama noting the true reasoning behind awarding the Noble Peace Prize. As I have said he will many gr8 things things in his Presidency. I say this with great respect and admiration, Chad Dennis Forsgren