Thursday, February 25, 2010

“Secrets for Sachin Tendulkar’s Success” – Prof.M.S.Rao

It is a great moment for all Indians and cricket lovers as Sachin Tendulkar achieved double century in One Day International (ODI) at Gwalior 24 February 2010. He broke the records of Saeed Anwar and Charles Coventry (194). It is another feather in his cricket cap.

He achieved this feat despite having health problems. A few years ago, he suffered injuries and bounced back. Let us look at the secrets for his success:

• Passion
• Dedication
• Focusing on goals
• Task orientation
• Flexibility with team members
• Humility
• Ability to conserve his energy and release at an appropriate time.

For Sachin, the first and last love is cricket. He has humility to say, “I just don’t know how to react. I would like to dedicate this double-hundred to the people of this country for standing behind me for the last 20 years, come what may.”

Sachin is the king of the cricket. He is the legend. His two decades of dedication towards Indian cricket is memorable. He successfully united all cricket lovers cutting across the countries through his passion, dedication and performance. Sachin is ambassador of not only Indian cricket but also the entire cricket world.

Sachin is at the tipping point where it is a Herculean task for other cricketers to dream even (forget about reaching to this record).

Let us wholeheartedly congratulate and salute this cricket legend for this feat.


laxmi swetha said...

1.Sachin is the king of the cricket. He is the legend and with his passion, dedication and performance.
2.Sachin is ambassador of not only Indian cricket but also the entire cricket world.
i am proud of my India..Jai ho
congrats and Hats off to Sachin.

this is the real holi festival of India.from my side once again happy holi sachin

neel said...

Sachin is the strength of 100 billion people of India,may be more dont know. When he looks to the sky and dedicates his efforts to the God it shows that the spirit comes from there. Having a spirit for the lost 20 years says some thing.

I remember his true fighting knocks of his times and dont care if people say that he plays for records.. He was there for India when players like Mohd.Azaruddin & Jadeja were sold to bookies and he is there for India when true players like Dhoni & Yuvraj fighting for India to give them strength. Sachin means power and spirit to India & I feel proud of being an Indian.