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Book Review By Prof.M.S.Rao - ““MOJO”: How To Get It, How To Keep It, How To Get It Back If You Lose It” Authored By Marshall Goldsmith and Mark Reite

The book titled ““MOJO”: How To Get It, How To Keep It, How To Get It Back If You Lose It” authored by Marshall Goldsmith and Mark Reiter contains several messages that are useful to everybody.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith needs no introduction. He is a globally renowned consultant, coach and author in leadership development who shares his invaluable experience and expertise to the mankind through his library. He is one of the fifty great thinkers and business leaders of the past eighty years according to American Management Association. He was named by The London Times and Forbes as one of the fifteen most influential business thinkers in the world. Therefore, you can guess the kind of takeaways the book provides.

What is “Mojo”?

“Mojo” is a kind of inner motivation that springs from inside and radiates outside. “Mojo” is a moment and it is force that changes your life for good. “Mojo” is a kind of being in effective zone and but not being in comfort zone. The meaning of “Mojo” is the positive spirit that starts from inside and radiates outside.

According to Dr. Marshall, “Mojo” means “that positive spirit toward what we are doing now that starts from the inside and radiates to the outside.” Marshall did extensive research about ““Mojo””. During his research he realized that people who are happy at work are happy at home too. It seems there is a correlation between happiness at home and happiness at work. Dr. Marshall says, “Happiness and meaning to life differs from person to person.” Success comes from within not outside. He provides tools for making your life more meaningful.

Succinctly, “Mojo” is all about building a moment where you can unleash your positive spirit from inside to outside and people recognize. It provides meaning to your personal and professional life. It is a moment where the world sees it, understands and appreciates. “Mojo” gives you happiness and meaning to your life.

The four elements are the four pillars that provides you “Mojo” viz identity (Who do you think you are?), achievement (What have you done lately?), reputation (Who do other people think you are), and acceptance (What can you change? When should you ‘let go’?). When you blend these four elements you will have high “Mojo”.

What Does the Book Contain?

The book contains four sections where section I preludes with ‘you and your “Mojo”’. The section II outlines about the ‘building blocks of “Mojo”’. The section III provides a “Mojo” tool kit containing 14 tools and techniques to enhance your “Mojo”. Finally the section IV connects from inside to outside.

The “Mojo” tool kit is divided as: Establish criteria that matter to you; find out where you’re living; be the optimist in the room; and take away one thing are the tools that fall in ‘making sense of who you are’. Rebuild one brick at a time; live your mission in the small moments too; influence up as well as down; and swim in the blue water are the tools fall in the category of ‘making it easier to get things done’. When to stay, when to go; hello, goodbye; adopt a metrics system; and reduce this number are the tools that fall in the category of ‘taking control of your story’. And finally, give your friends a lifetime pass; and name it, frame it, claim it are the tools in the category of ‘change what you can; let go of what you can’t’.

Dr.Marshall’s mentee Debbie Robins shares eleven tips about “Mojo”. They are taking responsibility, moving forward, running the extra mile, pursuing your passions, appreciating opportunities, making the best of it, being inspirational, being grateful, being curious, caring, having zest for life and awakening.

Marshall’s Message from “Mojo”:

“Mojo” is the common characteristic connecting all successful people. Marshall calls upon leaders to undertake positive actions that take them to greater heights. The book emphasizes on observables. It enhances your motivation levels. It helps you to find happiness and make your life more meaningful. It provides exercises for improving personality, attitude and behaviour. Dr. Marshall emphasizes to cultivate the four elements of identity, achievement, reputation and acceptance.

The book provides you inputs for achieving all-round success in your personal and professional life. The language is simple and straight and it is easy for a lay person to read and understand. You can gift this book to your friends as “Mojo” not only becomes motivation to your friend but becomes lifetime friend and ensures everlasting friendship.

After reading this book you will get to know how to get “Mojo” both at work and home. Throughout the book, Dr. Marshall not only lifts his “Mojo” but also of the entire mankind.

This is an excellent book worth investing your time as it contains several takeaways that enrich your personal and professional life. I am sure the book would rise your “Mojo”. Enjoy reading.

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