Saturday, May 1, 2010

“Industrial Relations”– Prof.M.S.Rao

Industrial relations are the interrelation among employees, employers and government. There are several advantages of having better industrial relations between the employees and employers. For instance, it promotes better working relations and industrial climate resulting into better productivity and performance at the workplace. There are other advantages such as industrial peace, prosperity and democracy leading to organizational effectiveness and excellence.

Objectives of Industrial Relations:

The objectives of industrial relations are to curb absenteeism and employee turnover. There are other objectives such as avoiding industrial conflicts and strikes to prevent the intervention of government. In addition, it also promotes workers participation in management.

Causes for Poor Industrial Relations:

Improper organizational culture and organizational climate are the major reasons for poor industrial relations between employers and employees. Inadequate compensation that includes both monetary and non-monetary are the other causes for strained industrial relations. When there is uninteresting and monotony in work it may lead to unhealthy industrial relations.

Promoting Better Industrial Relations:

It is essential to build trust and confidence among the stakeholders for ensuring healthy industrial relations. There is need for encouraging democratic trade unions so that these can check if there are any imbalances or irregularities. Besides, the trade unions must be willing to resort to voluntary arbitration with a spirit of collective bargaining and to maintain industrial peace all the times.

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