Tuesday, November 16, 2010

List of Authored Books by Professor M.S.Rao, Founder of MSR Leadership Consultants, India

Dear friends,

I am receiving number of inquiries about the list of my authored books for purchase. Here is the list of my books with links for your purchase.

“Secrets for Success – Failure is Only a Comma, Not a Full Stop” by University Science Press (Laxmi Publications), India. (ISBN 978-93-80856-16-2)Price: INR. 100.00 only. The link to buy the copy/es: http://laxmipublications.com/servlet/lpgetbiblio?bno=001479

“Soft Skills – Enhancing Employability” (ISBN 978-93-80578-38-5) Price : INR. 125.00 only. The link to buy the copy/es: http://www.ikbooks.com/Book_Details2_ik.asp?Id=865&subId=1&catid=1

“Spot Your Leadership Style – Build Your Leadership Brand” (ISBN: 978-81-8220-372-3). Price: INR: 850.00/ USD: 50. The link to buy the copy/es: http://www.globalvisionpub.com/Bookdesc.aspx?id=1398

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Professor M.S.Rao
Founder and Chief Consultant,
MSR Leadership Consultants, India
Blog: http://profmsr.blogspot.com
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Email: profmsr7@gmail.com

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kiran said...

The article "Empty your cup" is very good and I am very happy to read such a inspiring article.
By reading this article I guess that "Teaching is passion" for you and also enjoying yourself by sharing your knowledge with your students. I feel very much proud to talk with a Good author and professor like you.
This is an excellent article!!!