Sunday, March 13, 2011

Is Brain Drain a Boon Or Bane? – Professor M.S.Rao

In the recent past there is growing emphasize on reverse brain drain. But before we discuss about reverse brain drain it is essential to briefly explain what is brain drain. Brain drain is all about losing the Indian talent for global market. It is about Indians leaving for abroad for greener pastures and career prospects. The tendency to go abroad is strong among Indian youth presently. We find many Indian youth leaving for developed countries especially for US, UK, Australia and other advanced countries currently.

There are several reasons why Indian youth leave for developed countries. They leave India due to lack of opportunities at home. They also leave for leading better and comfortable life there. There is also feeling that there is no recognition at home. In addition, developed countries need Indian talent as Indians are good at technical knowledge and skills. Developed countries also prefer Indian talent due to low cost as it helps them bring their cost of production and enhance their competitiveness. We find innumerable reasons for brain drain. But when we look at Indian perspective, government spends lot of money to educate students and if these students go abroad their education and expertise is not useful to our country.

Brain drain is both a boon and bane for country. It is not only in India but we find youth from several developing countries settling down in developed countries for leading better life. Since Indian population is high and Indian youth population is higher the number the issue appears to be exaggerated presently. When we look at from other perspective, the Indian youth send lot of foreign exchange to India and that helps our country immensely. In addition, if these youth come back to India after acquiring knowledge, skills and abilities they can add value to India. This process is known as reverse brain drain. The need of the hour is to encourage reverse brain drain so that India can make use of their tremendous potential, experience and expertise for building a stronger nation. This helps India becoming a developed country very soon and also a global Super Power in the long run.

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Yes, sir you are absolutely right. And you have given good points for my GD preparation. Thank you