Monday, July 4, 2011

“Dear Good Leaders! Hire A Great Coach and Become Great Leaders”- Professor M.S.Rao

“When successful people write down goals, announce these goals to respected colleagues and involve the colleagues in helping them improve (in a supportive way), positive measurable change is much more likely to occur.” - Marshall Goldsmith

Coaches are the ladders for leaders. They know how to place the ladders on the right side of the wall. Leaders have vision and the coaches fine-tune their vision with a practical touch. Coaches align the energies and efforts of busy leaders through their passion, wisdom and experience. Coaches are aware that what worked for these leaders to reach the present position won’t work in future to scale further corporate heights. And it is their job to enlighten and educate the leaders to reach further higher positions through their coaching and direction. Coaches help leaders realize their hidden potential. They help leaders reach their maximum capabilities. Bob Nardelli, CEO of Home Depot believes that without a coach, people "will NEVER reach their maximum capabilities".

There is a thin line that separates the senior leaders from leaders and CEOs from non-CEOs and it is the coaches who know that thin line and make sure that the good leaders deliver effectively to become great leaders. That thin line is nothing but a different mindset that is needed to reach further higher positions. Precisely, coaches help good leaders become great leaders. Although most of the leaders are aware of this thin line they may not be able to focus to cross over due to their busy schedules and pressures. It is the coaches who would handhold good leaders to become great leaders. It is the coaches who uncork the hidden potential of the leaders to become great leaders. It is the coaches who allay hidden phobias and apprehensions of leaders. It is the coaches who make everything possible as they are cut out for such roles and responsibilities.

Hence, dear good leaders! Don’t waste your precious time by brooding over too much. Take time out of your busy schedules and ruminate for a while. Hire a great coach and excel as great leaders as what got here won’t get you there without a great coach.

Professor M.S.Rao
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promoteu said...

Leadership training is required at all levels.
We only want to communicate ,train haves of society .Obviously money and fame is only there.
Effort has to be made to communicate to other segment of the country.
They can be leaders and help other to perform better.
Let us make concerted effort in this direction.