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“What Counts – Size? Or Strength?” - Professor M.S.Rao

“Our aspirations are our possibilities.” - Robert Browning

People often boast of their size rather than their strength. What counts more whether the size or strength is a debatable issue. Let us briefly look at it with illustrations before coming into conclusion.

You must have heard the biblical story of David vs. Goliath where tiny David took on the mighty Goliath. When Goliath was boasting of his size, David came forward with confidence and hit the forehead of the David with a slingshot and beheaded thus surprising everybody and proving beyond doubt that it was not the size but the strength counts.

When we take the example of Yugoslavian leader, Marshal Tito he broke the back of Soviet empire. President Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher came together to bring down the crumbling walls of the Soviet Union, giving hundreds of millions of people the opportunity to enjoy freedom. The transformational leader like Lee Kuan Yew brought Singapore from nowhere to number one prosperous country despite dearth of natural resources and geographical limitations.

Through a right strategy and will power a tiny can easily take on a tycoon. In fact, it is not the size but the strength that counts in any game. When we look at Sri Lanka it is a small country geographically but its cricket team is very powerful. It came up to finals in World Cup 2011 and played against a giant India.

India being the seventh largest country in size is still a developing country. However, geographically smaller countries like Singapore, Israel, and Finland are the developed ones and are world leaders in many spheres.

It is the mental size not the physical size counts in this world. Similarly people must stretch their mental sizes not physical sizes. Lal Bahadur Sastri, the former Prime Minister of India was a leader who was short in size but proved much bigger and better than stalwarts who were bigger in size although his tenure was short. It is the ideas that rule the world, not size. It is the strength that rules the world, not size. It is the will power that rules the world, not money or muscle power. Hence, what counts at the end of the day is your will power and strength, not size.

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