Wednesday, September 7, 2011

“3Is – Imagination, Intelligence and Information” - Professor M.S.Rao

Although Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge, it is still a debatable issue to decide which is superior between imagination and knowledge. It is true that knowledge comes from various sources such as information, observation, reading, training, teaching, experience and practice. When we look at knowledge acquisition through information it is sometimes the excessive information that is killing the imagination. Therefore, people must learn to differentiate between chalk and cheese and between important and unimportant to manage their time as well as to take adequate information for enhancing their knowledge base.

Research reveals that currently knowledge gets doubled annually unlike in 19th century where it took almost 100 years to double knowledge. It shows the explosion of information and the load it is creating to human minds. People have to be very choosy about intake of information as unwanted information leads to contamination of their minds apart from wasting their time.

When we compare and contrast between knowledge and imagination, it is the imagination that is more important as knowledge comes from the imagination’s imagination. Intelligent individuals are able to articulate their knowledge effectively. There are individuals who have vast knowledge but limited intelligence. In contrast, there are individuals who have tremendous intelligence but limited knowledge. The fact is that the individuals with tremendous intelligence with limited knowledge are more powerful to articulate than the ones who have vast knowledge but limited intelligence. To conclude, human mind is very powerful as it created several things through imagination. However, this imagination is always supported by intelligence and information. Hence, blend all 3is - imagination, intelligence and information effectively for achieving all round success.

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