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“Challenges for Educators” - Professor M.S.Rao

“Teaching is the only major occupation of man for which we have not yet developed tools that make an average person capable of competence and performance. In teaching we rely on the "naturals," the ones who somehow know how to teach.” - Peter Drucker

Currently educators face several challenges in teaching. With easy access to information to students and information overload students demand more from educators and the latter find it tough to meet the rising aspirations and expectations of the former. The internet has revolutionized the entire world and made the world small where everything has been thrown open with little secrecy for all of us. Here are the crucial challenges for educators globally.

Students have become smarter and sharper with availability of knowledge and information where students often fail to differentiate between information and knowledge. Educators must differentiate clearly that information is not knowledge and there is a thin line that separates them. They must also enlighten students to stay away from information overload as it clutters their minds leading to confusion. In addition, it wastes students’ precious time.

Students expect a lot from educators and want something different from them. Hence, educators must do extensive research in their disciplines and create new concepts with case studies, examples and illustrations to stand out from others. In addition, they must also innovate new tools and techniques in teaching as the traditional ones are losing their relevance. They must involve students into the teaching process through interacting, questioning and grilling thus pulling them out of their comfort zones. Encouraging students’ participation in the teaching process is needed as it not only makes the teaching more effective but also brings benefits to both educators and students thus making it a win-win for all. A good educator is a good learner and he or she must learn from students. Peter Drucker said that he had learnt a lot from students when he shared his knowledge and experience while teaching for EMBA students.

Finally, the educators have a great challenge where they have to meet the rising aspirations and expectations of students. It can happen only when educators teach with passion by having complete command over their discipline. They must do continuous research and share their knowledge with students. While sharing their knowledge the questions raised by students must be noted down and thoroughly researched. It helps them widen their knowledge base and stand firmly on their feet while teaching in the classroom apart from commanding respect from students. To conclude, educators must not take their students for granted. They must come out of their comfort zones to know the pulse of their students and prepare themselves accordingly to stay ahead and stand out from others.

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sankar Reddy said...

Sir, Your point of view about "Knowledge" and "Sharing of Knowledge" is very impressive. It is relevant to present educators and educational system.

-Posted by Sankar Reddy.