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“Book Review – Resolved 13 Resolutions for LIFE Authored by Orrin Woodward” - Professor M.S.Rao

“Man is a wonderful creature, he is mind, he is heart, and he is will. Those are the three main constituents of man. God has given him a mind, He has given him a heart, He has given him a will whereby he can act.” - Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

I recently read Orrin Woodward’s authored book, Resolved: 13 Resolutions for LIFE with great interest. Orrin Woodward needs no introduction. He is a renowned leadership guru, and is ranked as one of the World’s Top 10 Leadership Gurus. He co-wrote the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Weekly, USA Today, and Money Magazine best seller, Launching a Leadership Revolution. The foreword for this was written by Chris Brady, who is recognized as one of the world’s Top 30 leadership Gurus. The book provides the essence of the proven leadership principles of Orrin Woodward. It is divided into 13 chapters. Here is the break up of each chapter:

Chapter 1 deals with purpose; chapter 2 character; chapter 3 attitude; chapter 4 programming the elephant; chapter 5 game plan and do; chapter 6 keeping score; chapter 7 friendship; chapter 8 financial management; chapter 9 leadership resolution; chapter 10 conflict resolution; chapter 11 systems thinking; chapter 12 adversity quotient; and chapter 13 concludes with legacy. In addition, it has Appendix A deals with Washington’s Civility, Appendix B unveils Washington’s Maxims, Appendix C unfolds Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Virtues and Appendix D reveals Edwards Resolution.

The book preludes with three young colonial Americans – George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Jonathan Edwards who symbolized character, tact, and humility respectively, and who resolved to build lives of virtue through the study and application of daily resolutions. They achieved lasting greatness then, not as floating buoys, but by swimming against the current.

Orrin provides a list of 13 Resolutions, of which, the first 4 falls in the bracket of Private Achievements, the following four (from 5-8) falls in the bracket of Public Achievements, and the rest (from 9-13) falls in the bracket of Leadership Achievements.

1. Resolved: I resolve to discover my God-given purpose. I know that when my potential, passions, and profits intersect, my purpose is revealed.
2. Resolved: I resolve to choose character over reputation anytime they conflict. I know that my character is who I am and my reputation is only what others say that I am.
3. Resolved: I resolve to have an attitude of gratitude. I know that by listening to my Positive Voice and turning down my Negative Voice that I will own a positive attitude.
4. Resolved: I resolve to align my conscious (ant) with my subconscious (elephant) mind towards my vision. I know that ending the civil war between them is crucial for all achievement.
5. Resolved: I resolve to develop and implement a game plan in each area of my life. I know that planning and doing are essential parts of the success process.
6. Resolved: I resolve to keep score in the game of life. I know that the scoreboard forces me to check and confront the results, making the needed adjustments in order to win.
7. Resolved: I resolve to develop the art and science of friendship. I know that everyone needs a true friend to lighten the load when life gets heavy.
8. Resolved: I resolve to develop financial intelligence. I know that my wealth is compounded when incomes are higher than expenses over time.
9. Resolved: I resolve to develop the art and science of leadership. I know that everything rises and falls based upon the leadership culture created within my community.
10. Resolved: I resolve to develop the art and science of conflict resolution. I know that relationship bombs and unresolved conflict destroy a community’s unity and growth.
11. Resolved: I resolve to develop systems thinking. I know that by viewing life as interconnected patterns rather than isolated events I improve my leverage.
12. Resolved: I resolve to develop Adversity Quotient. I know that AQ leads to perseverance in overcoming obstacles and setbacks.
13. Resolved: I resolve to leave a legacy by fulfilling my purpose and vision through living the 13 Resolutions. I know that by reversing the current of decline, I provide an example for the next-generation of leaders.

Leadership Takeaways

“True friends give the most when they receive the least.” – Orrin Woodward

• No one can choose the day he was born, but everyone can choose responsibility for discovering why he was born.
• All great achievements must be maintained through passion.
• Whatever a person is doing, he should do with all his might, and eventually doors will be opened revealing his purpose.
• Remember, if a person cannot manage his time, then he cannot lead his life.
• The first principle, never lie, means a person’s worth is his word.
• Producers create value by serving other people’s needs, while exploiters plunder from producers to serve their own needs.
• A person can change either the content or the context of a situation by reframing how he thinks about it.
• Attitude is simply isn’t optional for leaders.
• Leaders address issues head on, seeking to resolve, not inflate, the matter.
• Failure is an event, not a person.
• The conscious mind thinks in words, while the subconscious mind thinks through images.
• When a person develops mastery today, he must expect the pain of the process, along with the pain of criticism from the anti-heroes.
• Friends must have permission to unburden their hearts to one another – a place where they can share their hurts and pains when life gets rough.
• Be the biggest cheerleader for a friend’s success, even when one is struggling personally.
• As a person moves from private achievements to public achievements, he will find his ability to make money increases.
• A leader must surround himself with the right people or he is doomed to mediocrity.
• It’s only when a leader grows throughout life that he attracts other elite leaders into his community, changing the lifetime leader’s role from a leader of followers to a servant to leaders.
• Whether leading a business, church, or charitable organization, the ability to resolve conflict is essential.
• Many people feel they are not smart enough to succeed, but typically, the most successful people are not the highest scorers on an IQ test.
• Pain is overcome through the continuous focus on one’s purpose.

Orrin refers several global personalities such as John Wooden, Colonel Harlan Sanders, Peter Senge, Jim Collins, Viktor Frankl, Billy Durant, Sam Walton to name a few. He has put in a lot of efforts in researching, and writing the book. The book is an indication of Orrin’s passion to make a difference in the lives of others.

The book goes to the core by outlining 13 priceless resolutions, which are nothing but 13 habits for success and happiness to make a remarkable difference in your life. These are the rungs on a ladder, helping a person climb from where he is to where he desires to be. Precisely, all 13 Resolutions are 13 pears of wisdom from Orrin. In addition, it outlines diagrams to capture the key contents quickly, and provides boxes that contain key ideas and insights.

The book helps you achieve success and happiness. It is written in simple and straight language so that anybody can read, understand, and apply these leadership principles for achieving all round success. Precisely, it is a book for all times! It is worth investing your time. You can gift it to your friends who would thank you forever.

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