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“Perceptions of Two Different Women” - Professor M.S.Rao

“Humans see what they want to see.” ― Rick Riordan, The Lightning Thief 

Marshall was a great author who had flair for writing romantic stories. Whenever he saw a woman he imagined and weaved a beautiful story. It was indeed a great gift from the God to Marshall.  He was a teetotaler, and always wanted to make others happy through his writings. He enjoyed seeing the nature, sat near the beaches and wrote books. He was working as a visiting professor in an educational institution. He went to educational institution for a week in every month to share his knowledge. A young woman faculty by name Susan was very much impressed with Marshall’s magnetic personality and enjoyed talking to him. Marshall also felt comfortable whenever he met Susan.  They exchanged knowledge, and mostly it was Susan who would ask questions to Marshall and have them clarified. Marshall developed a kind of affinity with Susan whenever he met and exchanged his ideas.  

Susan went so deep into the Marshall’s mind that whenever he wanted to write books Susan would flash in his mind and disturb his thought process. He was unable to concentrate on his reading and writing.  Hence, he decided to describe the personality of Susan so that he can write and also share it Susan so that the latter would be pleased with his contribution and appreciation.   He wrote about the personality, attitude and behavior of Susan and added a few imaginary elements and elevated her. After completion of the draft he shared it with Susan who was very happy to read. She said that she was flattened with his Marshall’s kind gesture and imagination. She also thanked Marshall for spending his precious time to think about her and dedicate his writings to sing in praise of her.

There was another faculty by name Elizabeth who was also keen to interact with Marshall. She met Marshall and discussed various aspects of subject. They enjoyed chatting together and sharing knowledge. Elizabeth would often praise Marshall’s knowledge. In fact, she read Marshall’s two authored books and eulogized at the content and the style of presentation. She expressed the same to Marshall and the latter was happy to know that his knowledge was useful to others and it was well appreciated.  Marshall decided to write a letter of appreciation by praising the personality, attitude and behavior of Elizabeth. After taking a lot of time he wrote a beautiful imaginative letter describing her personality, and finally, he shared it with her. To his surprise, Elizabeth stopped talking to him. Marshall felt very bad as he took a lot of time to weave a beautiful imaginative story and unfortunately, Elizabeth did not receive and appreciate it.  

Marshall thought that Elizabeth would take the letter positively the way Susan took it and expressed her happiness and joy. Unfortunately, it boomeranged.  He recalled George Harrison’s quote, “It's all in the mind.”  He concluded that people see the world the way they are, not the way they are. It was all based on perception of the people. What looks good for some people might not look bad for others because people are different in emotions, egos, feelings and perceptions. Overall, Marshall felt that he did good thing to praise others, and it gave him lots of inner satisfaction and joy. He didn’t bother whether others would appreciate his contribution and appreciation.

“Life is 10 percent what you make it and 90 percent how you take it.” ― Irving Berlin

Life is great!

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