Friday, August 30, 2013

“Political Leaders Let Down Telugu People in Andhra Pradesh” - Professor M.S.Rao

“Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.” - Abraham Lincoln

I am blogging this post as I am deeply concerned about the present political crisis in Andhra Pradesh. The State is passing through a crucial phase as it is a ‘make or break’ scenario. It is time for Telugus to make a wise decision either to part away amicably or to stay united forever. The current crisis clearly shows that the political leaders let down their own people for their political gains.  They indulge in match-fixing to safeguard their political positions and interests. They must realize that they got their positions when people voted them to power.  However, the politicians think that people are unaware of their political games and gimmicks.  The reality is that people have become more mature now due to rising literacy and recognize the real leaders who respect their wishes and champion for their progress and prosperity.

In any democracy, people are important, not parties. Political parties must bow down to the wishes of the people. There should not be any false prestige for them as everyone makes mistakes while making decisions. They must know that people are Gods in democracy.

The leaders who cheated their people have gone to the dustbins of history. It is obvious that there is a clear leadership vacuum in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This state is undergoing a major crisis and I am sure it will come out it successfully.

Andhra Pradesh needs true leaders who can walk their talk. People are looking for leaders who can keep the interests of their people above their own personal interests. Unfortunately, all political parties are vying to win the attention and affection of the people without addressing the major issues as the elections will be held in 2014.  The history of Andhra Pradesh will not excuse the leaders who let down their own people for their political games and mileage.

In India, there are divisions in the name of caste, region, religion and language which is a danger to democracy. It is essential to address it earnestly to strengthen democracy. Politicians are responsible for playing such caste, regional, religious and linguistic cards. Hence, Indian youth must come forward to lead from the front to take India to greater heights to ensure universal brotherhood and fraternity.  They must make India as a launching ground for achieving global peace and prosperity by spreading universal brotherhood.

Love your mother but don’t hate another person’s mother. Love your caste but don’t hate another person’s caste. Love your region but don’t hate another person’s region. Love your religion but don’t hate another person’s religion. Love your language but don’t have another person’s language. Love your community but don’t hate another person’s community. Above all, love your country but don’t hate another person’s country as to be born in a particular country is a chance, not a choice.  Remember, as your country is precious to you another person’s country is equally precious to him/her. 

Here is my message to the world: Respect to all. Disrespect to none. Jai Hind!

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