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“What Do Men Search in Women When They See First?” - Professor M.S.Rao

“Good behavior can cover the lack of beauty but beauty never cover the lack of good behavior.” – Albert Einstein

What do men see in women when they see first? There are different answers for this question as men see different things in women based on their personality, perception, attitude, tastes and temperaments.

Men often look into the eyes of a woman when they see first because eyes clearly express the mind of a woman. Eyes are the mirror of her mind. After looking into her eyes, men look at her smile as smile connects with men quickly.   Men appreciate woman who smiles sincerely because her smile provides solace to them. They check whether the smile is genuine or fake. A natural smile with a cheerful note increases their heartbeat.  They forget the world by looking at her splendid smile. They fall in love instantly if her smile is awesome and magical. Remember, eyes show her sincerity and smile substantiates it. Then, men look at her hair which adds value to her face. They look at her chin, and then shape of her head whether it is oval or round-shaped. They hear her voice whether it is sweet and mesmerizing. They look at her complexion. Some men are attracted by dark complexion while some are attracted by fair completion. They see the height of women as height matters a lot in liking them. Again it differs from men to men as some men prefer tall women while some prefer petite women. They observe her walking style. They look at her mannerism and dress sense. Men want women to dress decently and elegantly. These are all physical features that attract men when they see women first. But there are other aspects to take into account which cannot be seen but felt such as her attitude, personality, behavior, ethics and etiquette. In fact, these aspects last longer than the so called physical features as the charm of women decreases as they get older. Although men are attracted by the physical features of a woman, they emphasize more on non-physical attributes and characteristics when they want to maintain long-term relationship.

Here are some of the attributes men appreciate among women: A woman must be sweet, sensitive and down-to-earth. She must smile sincerely. She must associate with right friends. She must wear decent clothes. She must speak less and listen more.  She must be polite and pleasing. Above all, she must be assertive.

To conclude, when men look at a woman they observe her behavior, not body; search for substance, not smile; look for heart, not height; crave for character, not color; identify inner beauty, not external beauty as inner beauty lasts for longer time while the external beauty fades over a period of time. Precisely, men look beyond the face of a woman. 

"Love built on beauty, soon as beauty, dies." - John Donne

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