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“International Acclaim for Professor M.S.Rao’s Book – Student Leaders: Growing From Students To CEOs”

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I authored the book titled, ‘Student Leaders: Growing From Students To CEOs’ which is selling very good. Barry Posner wrote foreword for this book. Here is the Amazon link to purchase: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Student-Leaders-Growing-Students-CEOS/dp/9351101630

Here are the endorsements received from eminent international management thinkers for this book:  

  • “The international leadership guru, Professor M.S. Rao has come out with yet another leadership book Student Leaders: Growing From Students To CEOs. This book assists students to shift successfully from campus to corporate as leaders and unfolds 21 timeless tools to become CEOs. I strongly recommend reading this book.” - Vijay Govindarajan World's Third-Ranked Management Guru
  • “In this new book, Professor M.S. Rao focuses on the future by drawing inspiration and wisdom from the past—including the insights of Swami Vivekananda. Professor Rao presents knowledge as the key to personal and social transformation that can make the world a better, safer place. He demonstrates his commitment to advancing the intellectual and spiritual development of our youth by providing a framework that fosters leadership through reflection and personal growth. Professor Rao’s enthusiasm for his subject makes this an engaging text, especially for students looking to develop a leadership mindset and associated skills.” - Dipak C. Jain, Dean, INSEAD
  • “A native of India, Professor M. S. Rao has written his 20th book, Student Leaders: Growing From Students To CEOs which is destined to become a worldwide phenomenon on student leadership. Students and teachers from every country should take good notes in this course to prepare future leaders and CEOs; it offers a syllabus for success in the corporate world.” - Marshall Goldsmith, The Thinkers50 Award Winner (sponsored by Harvard Business Review) for Most-Influential Leadership Thinker in the World
  • “The global management thinker Professor M.S. Rao has come out with yet another leadership book entitled Student Leaders: Growing From Students To CEOs, unveiling 11 success sutras for students.   I highly recommend this book for all students who aspire to successful careers.” - Patricia Wheeler, Ph.D. Global Executive Coach,  Managing Partner, The Levin Group LLC
  • “Renowned leadership thinker, Professor M.S. Rao has made an important contribution to the study of leadership development with the release of Student Leaders: Growing From Students To CEOs. The world needs more leaders! Most leadership development, though, is aimed at middle-aged who are less impressionable than those from younger generations. Student Leaders shows how to reach this untapped potential, and how to convert the energy and enthusiasm of budding young leaders, into strong and seasoned leadership influence. Bravo Professor M.S. Rao!" - Bill Treasurer, Author, Leaders Open Doors and Courage Goes to Work
  • “Professor M.S.Rao's new book, Student Leaders: Growing From Students To CEOs, is an important resource for those wanting to get on the path of success early. Packed with the wisdom of international leaders and Professor Rao's practical and immediately applicable advice, young leaders can learn from the successes and failures of others in an entertaining and easy to digest read." - Harrison Monarth, New York Times bestselling author of The Confident Speaker, author of 360 Degrees of Influence
  • “The global management guru, Professor M.S. Rao has come out with yet another leadership book Student Leaders: Growing From Students To CEOs. It unveils 11 success sutras for students to grow as leaders and CEOs. I strongly recommend reading this book.” - Chris Widener, Author, the Art of Influence
  • "As a leadership educator and a day-to-day practitioner, I have always found Professor M.S. Rao's work both practical and impactful. This is another great example, with a series of thoughtful yet perceptive ideas aimed to help aspiring leaders at all levels to be the best they can be. Highly recommended." - Mick Yates, Visiting Professor, University of Leeds and Founder, LeaderValues
  • “The global leadership guru, Professor M.S. Rao has come out with yet another leadership book, Student Leaders: Growing From Students To CEOs.   It introduces an alternative leadership perspective - ‘Soft Leadership’ and substantiates that Mahatma Gandhi was a soft leader. It is must read.” - Bob Urichuck, International Professional Speaker, Trainer and Author of Up Your Bottom Line, Velocity Selling and Disciplined for Life.
  • “Professor M.S. Rao nails it again! He knows that the seeds of leadership need to be planted and sown early on to groom future leaders. Campus leadership programs must facilitate the kind of self-awareness that is so crucial to leadership success. Professor Rao not only makes the case, but provides a blueprint to make it happen, offering us the bonus of inspirational quotes from his personal heroes.” - Dr. Lois J. Zachary, President, Leadership Development Services, LLC
  • “The international leadership expert and speaker, Professor M.S. Rao has come out with yet another leadership book for students, Student Leaders: Growing From Students To CEOs. This book contains interesting case studies, stories, anecdotes, and illustrations based on author’s 32 years of experiences in various capacities. It calls upon students to build leadership skills and excel as CEOs.” - Lenny Laskowski, Author of Painless Presentations- the Proven Stress-free way to Successful Public Speaking
  • “Professor M. S. Rao is a well sought after and internationally renowned speaker & author. His book contains very down-to-earth and practical methods for students to take to achieve success as leaders in the corporate arena. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to become a corporate leader.” - Jeffrey Lim, Vice President, Compliance & Regulation, Walton Berhad,
  • “International management thinker, Professor M.S. Rao’s book is full of good ideas for students to learn about becoming a leader.  Two ideas best define what leadership is:  ‘Inspire people with what you have and by giving what they want.’ and ‘Acquire the requisite attitude, skills and knowledge and share them with others.’  Students at all ages can begin to use these as they move through school and into the world of business.” - Alan J. Zell, Ambassador Of Selling, Attitudes for Selling, Winner of the Murray Award for Marketing Excellence

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Professor M.S.Rao, India
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Listed in Marquis Who's Who in the World in 2013
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