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“Global Acclaim for Professor M.S.Rao and M. Ganesh Sai’s Book – Soar Like Eagles! Success Tools for Freshers”

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My son M. Ganesh Sai and I have authored the book titled, ‘Soar Like Eagles! Success Tools for Freshers’ which is selling very good. John H. Zenger, CEO Of Zenger Folkman  wrote foreword for this book. Here is the Amazon link to purchase: http://www.bookadda.com/books/soar-like-eagles-ganesh-8178003082-9788178003085

Here are the endorsements received from eminent international management thinkers for this book:  
  • “While his ostensible focus is on “freshers” (those just entering the workforce), Professor M. S. Rao and M. Ganesh Sai remind us that we are all students, and that we can and should continue to hone our communication, team building and problem solving skills throughout our careers and our lives. With these skills, we will surely Soar Like Eagles!” - Marshall Goldsmith, The Thinkers50 Award Winner (sponsored by Harvard Business Review) for Most-Influential Leadership Thinker in the World
  • “Your ability to get the right first job for you can have an impact on the rest of your career.  This book shows you how to start your career in the best possible way.” - Brian Tracy, Author – Get Paid More and Promoted Faster
  • “Professor M.S. Rao and his son M. Ganesh Sai have come out with yet another inspiring leadership book for students, Soar Like Eagles! Success Tools for Freshers (For those who are not familiar - In India, “freshers” means the fresh graduates passing out of educational institutions seeking employment opportunities in the corporate world). This book contains interesting anecdotes, illustrations and stories for freshers to grab the employment opportunities and fast-track their careers. It is an inspiring book every fresher should read!” - Dr. Tony Alessandra, Author of The Platinum Rule and Charisma and CEO of www.Assessments24x7.com
  • “The international management thinker, Professor M.S.Rao with his son M.Ganesh Sai authored the book titled Soar Like Eagles! Success Tools for Freshers It equips freshers and students with tools and techniques and builds their confidence to achieve big in their lives." - Chris Widener, Bestselling leadership author, www.ChrisWIdener.com
  • “The global leadership guru, Professor M.S. Rao with his son, M. Ganesh Sai have come out with yet another leadership book for students. It outlines the roadmap for students’ success and elaborates various aspects of education, employment and emotional intelligence to achieve quick career success.” - Arthur F. Carmazzi, World’s Top Ten Leadership Guru and Founder of Directive Communication Psychology, Author of “Lessons from the Monkey King – Leading Change to Create Gorilla Sized Results
  • “International leadership educator and speaker, Professor M.S. Rao co-authored another inspiring leadership book for students with his son M.Ganesh Sai.  Soar Like Eagles! Success Tools for Freshers is a book I strongly recommend.  It is clear the Professor Rao and his son are passionate about students and they beseech students to add value to soar like eagles; and urge educators to help successful students become even more successful.” - Terri Levine, PhD The Business Mentoring Expert, Bestselling Author of ‘Coaching is for Everyone’
  • “This book encourages freshers and leaders across the social order, to pursue excellence in everything they do, even the small stuff. It shapes in the mind of readers, constructive impressions that engage intelligence with heart, responsibility with expertise. It’s a plan you will value considering.” - Rob Clarke, Founder, LearnX Foundation
  • “Professor M.S.Rao is  one of the world's leading leadership consultants, coaches, and speakers with 32 years of experience and has published a new book with his son M. Ganesh Sai Soar Like Eagles! Success Tools for Freshers This inspirational book covers several important topics:  Roadmap for students’ success, various aspects of education, employment and emotional intelligence, the ‘Play and Learn’ method - an innovative learning tool, concerns of new graduates and equips them with clarifications,   adding value and help them soar like eagles, fires up educators to help successful students to become even more successful. This book is written in a very clear and understandable style as we are used to expect from Professor M.S.Rao.  We can feel Professor M.S.Rao’s enthusiasm for the subject matter and sharing his knowledge.  Highly recommended.” - Dr. James Wang,  American Institute of Business Psychology, www.aiobp.org    

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Professor M.S.Rao, India
Founder of MSR Leadership Consultants India
Listed in Marquis Who's Who in the World in 2013
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