Thursday, December 4, 2014

Professor M.S.Rao’s Award-Winning ‘21 Success Sutras for Leaders’ – Top Ten Leadership Books

I am excited to share with you that my authored book 21 Success Sutras for Leaders has been ranked as one of the Top 10 Leadership Books of the Year – 2013 by San Diego University, USA. Here are the 21 success sutras for leaders from this book:
1.    Leadership is a Responsibility, not a Badge of Honor
2.    Character Counts, not Charisma
3.    Be a Coach, not a Critic
4.    Build Bridges, not Barriers
5.    Fight for Pretty Things, not Petty Things
6.    Strive for Excellence, not Perfection
7.    Failure is only a Comma, not a Full Stop
8.    Never Say ‘No’ too Soon and ‘Yes’ too Late
9.    Praise Publicly and Punish Privately
10. Spread the Fame in Success and Take the Blame in Failure
11. Listen to all and Take Your Call
12. Walk Your Talk
13. Deal People Differently
14. Leaders Command Respect
15. Don’t Blame Circumstances
16. Don’t Compete, Collaborate
17. Don’t React, Act
18. Think Global, Act Local
19. Invest in People
20. Everybody is a Leader
21. Soft Leadership is the Heart of Leadership

International acclaim received for this book:  
“International Leadership Guru, Professor M.S.Rao graciously shares 21 sutras with us, his lucky readers, as we strive to become more effective leaders and business owners.  Reading these sutras offers a powerful refresher course in the principles of successful leadership.” – Marshall Goldsmith
“It can be used as a reference book for leaders at all levels from entry level to senior level including CEOs.” - Vijay Govindarajan
“It's one of those rare business books that highly accessible, easily applicable, and just plain enjoyable to read.” - Jim Kouzes
“Professor M.S. Rao distills his extensive study of leadership into an accessible book that will give you an agenda for improving your leadership ability. You'll benefit from the focus and advice he offers.” - Mark Sanborn
“This book teaches you, ‘To fail is not bad, but not to learn lessons and bounce back is bad.’” - Tony Alessandra

Life is great!

Professor M.S.Rao, India
Founder of MSR Leadership Consultants India
Listed in Marquis Who's Who in the World in 2013
21 Success Sutras for Leaders: Top 10 Leadership Books of the Year (San Diego University) Amazon URL: http://www.amazon.com/21-Success-Sutras-Leaders-ebook/dp/B00AK98ELI

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