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How to Write and Visualize Your Affirmations for Achieving Success?

“You become what you think about most of the time.” - Brian Tracy

For achieving success at any age or stage of life, it is necessary to build a strong base. It can be built by parents, social environment, educational institutions and the persons themselves. The parents need to instill positive statements among their children to influence them at their subconscious level. The educational institutions should provide conducive climate to inculcate these qualities. The individuals have to tune their thought process through positive affirmations as they spend entire day either talking with others or through monologue. In this context, let us briefly know about affirmations.

What are affirmations?

“Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought.” - Napoleon Hill

Affirmations are statements of self-talk and inner monologue that take place within the individuals from the moment they awake to going to sleep. If everything is positive then you have positive affirmations. In contrast, if you have negative thoughts then you have negative affirmations. You can become the way you want through right affirmations.
Although you feed your subconscious mind regularly from your conscious mind, it is your subconscious mind which is far superior to the conscious mind. However, both your conscious and subconscious mind helps you in arriving at right affirmations.

Tools for Writing Your Affirmations:

People may find it silly to write down affirmations. There is a lot of meaning in inking rather than thinking about them. Therefore, don’t think but ink your affirmations. It is rightly said that a short pencil is better than a long memory. There is knack in writing affirmations. Ink them in present tense and in positive manner. Make them short, simple, straight and specific adding an emotional touch. Write your affirmations in present continuous tense rather in future tense for better results. When you do so, your faith in affirmations will be stronger as you are adding emotional and inspiring elements. You may ink like ‘I am becoming great’ ‘I am going good’, ‘I am achieving big’. Once you write your affirmations, read them daily twice - once in the morning when you wake up from sleep and again before you go to sleep.

1. Make your affirmations realistic and don’t frame them on fantasy. Your affirmations should be based on dreams not daydreams.
2. Your affirmations must be credible and inspiring.
3. Connect with your affirmations to have profound impact.
4. Make your affirmations like cue cards and make them visible in your bed room and in your office place. Whenever you read you get excited and energized thus helping in getting focused on your goals and objectives.
5. Revise and rewrite your affirmations to get new excitement, if needed.
6. For effective results, make your affirmations with an emphasis on emotions, intensity, direction, motivation, persistence, repetition, self-belief, self-esteem and self-confidence.
7. As we find ‘I am possible’ from ‘impossible’, we can also find ‘energy in motion’ from ‘emotion’ where in the emotions fuels your energies and efforts and drives you towards success.

It is rightly said that a battle is won twice – first in mind and then in real life. Similarly, affirmations have to be firmly affirmed in mind first and then you will find amazing results in real life.

Advantages of Affirmations:

“The difference between success and mediocrity is all in the way you think.” - Dean Francis

Affirmations build inner strength; develop inner motivation, will power, self-confidence and self-esteem. These provide emotional inputs to put best of efforts and energies to reach your goals. All successful people create their affirmations mentally while reaching their goals. Politicians, businesspersons, actors, sportspersons, teachers and students strengthen their inner beliefs and acquire knowledge through repeated self-talk about themselves. People think constantly and consciously and subconsciously when they are awake and they think subconsciously when go to sleep. Levering both conscious and subconscious mind helps in affirmations leading to success. Finally, positive affirmations provide peace, progress and prosperity for people.

Affirmations among Children:

“All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers.” - Orison Swett Marden

Parents should instill positive thoughts and inputs to their children. It helps them to think positively about themselves thereby becoming healthy and successful citizens in later part of their lives. Parents should be careful while feeding to their children. Children have more capacity to observation and hearing and they watch their parents closely and keenly at home. Encouraging their children to think and dream big right from childhood will help them to become successful. It cultivates more internal locus of control where in they start thinking firmly that their destiny is in their hands. Parents should inculcate good character and develop confidence and optimism among their children which is possible by positive affirmations.

Children are the major chunk who uses affirmations effectively. They listen to their teachers and study a lot throughout the day through constant monologue. Whatever is taught to them is reinforced through their self-talk i.e. monologue. By this, they memorize the educational content and enhance their knowledge base.

How to Visualize Your Affirmations?

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” - Claude M. Bristol

The secret behind all successful people is visualization. This results into effective action.
It is rightly said that a picture is worth a hundred words. When you visualize your affirmations pictorially with an emotional touch, you will have better results. Repeat your affirmations in a calm and cool manner preferably in a serene place. Stand in front of the mirror daily twice and start shouting at yourself ‘I am the winner’ repeatedly for a few minutes. When you hear that you are the winner you strengthen your will power as you are feeding encouraging and inspiring inputs to your mind after hearing from your sweet voice. When it is practiced regularly, no amount of cynicism and pessimism creeps in your mind. You get charged up and excited instantly. Here are a few techniques for effective visualization.

Techniques for Effective Visualization:

“Practice rather than preach. Make of your life an affirmation, defined by your ideals, not the negation of others. Dare to the level of your capability then go beyond to a higher level.” - Alexander Haig
• Build a strong internal monologue. The moment we awake in the morning we all think till we go to sleep. This is the best way to practice our affirmations through internal monologue.
• Always thank God for what you have and similarly thank others for their help.
• Develop the attitude of gratitude. It generates positive vibes and positive thought process.
• Never doubt your affirmations. Have firm faith in your affirmations.
• During alpha state of your mind, your brain will be at its most creative and receptive state. Effectively utilize this state for better visualization.
• You can find out the attitude of the persons the way they talk. If they talk positively, they have optimism and if they talk negatively, they have pessimism. It is all due to their internal thought process. Therefore, developing positive thought process is the key to effective visualization.
• Whenever you program your mind with affirmations at the conscious level, they will get reinforced at the subconscious level resulting into effective results. Florence Scovel Shinn rightly quotes, “You will be a failure, until you impress the subconscious with the conviction you are a success. This is done by making an affirmation which ''clicks.''”
• Finally, make use of all your senses such as sight, smell, sound, taste and touch and integrate them for visualizing success.


“Success is a process, a quality of mind and way of being, an outgoing affirmation of life.” - Alex Noble

Firmly affirm your affirmations for effective execution. Know the power of inner dialogue. Don’t think but ink your affirmations. Follow the techniques of writing and always think and visualize the same for achieving all-round success. Affirmations minimize negative thoughts and maximize thoughts. Life is a battle and to win the battle, affirmations would serve as a wonderful tool. To conclude in the words of John Addison, “You’ve got to win in your mind before you win in your life.”

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