Sunday, June 28, 2009

Success Through Self-Control

“An excessively ambitious man and an overly aggressive woman never live in peace and prosperity.” – Prof. M.S.Rao

What is Self-Control?

Self-control is all about altering one’s own attitudes, behaviors, personality in tune with expectations and standards of the society in order to achieve one’s goals and objectives. Failing so, it results into rejection and ostracisation by the society. It requires great mental energies and efforts to possess self-control.

Self-control is like self-mastery. It is absence of anger, intolerance and impulsiveness. You may compare your body with a chariot, your mind with reigns and your intellect with driver. Self-control means controlling your mind and body. You can make anything and everything through self-control. You need to control all your five senses such as sight sound, smell, taste and touch to have total control on yourself.

Merits of Self-control:

Self control gives you peace of mind, ensures better relations with others thereby giving you competitive edge over others. Better self-control leads to higher self-esteem, better interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. It will earn you respect and goodwill in the society. It makes you simple and humble. Overall, self-control enhances the personality of individuals thus taking them through the righteous path. People reached from nowhere to number one position though sheer self-control.

Demerits Due to Dearth of Self-control:

It is difficult to raise high in life. And it is very easy to fall free in life. Lack of self-control has several demerits. People resort to drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, crimes and violence, impulsive behavior and unwanted pregnancy due to lack of self-control. Individuals lose self-respect and dignity in the society. They may be subjected to humiliation and insults among their peers. People may get into wrong path. Those who do not have self-control don’t enjoy reputation. A few celebrities involve into controversies. Although it may be good to get instant publicity to promote themselves, it demonstrates their lack of self-control and it will harm them in the long run. History reveals several great leaders getting into abyss due to lack of self-control.

Tips for Better Self-Control:

• We are human beings with emotions. When emotions cloud reasoning, you will be driven over the edge. Don’t be impulsive. Hold back yourself. Lack of self-control result into a moment of madness and lifetime regret. Don’t be unduly emotional. Learn to utilize your emotions effectively.
• Do meditation regularly to have better control over your mind.
• Feed your subconscious mind with positive thoughts.
• Hypnotize your mind that you have adequate self-control.
• Control your behavior as per the expected standards and benchmarks.
• Take intrapersonal and interpersonal feedback regularly for building self-control.

Susan’s Anger and Ron’s Self-Control:

"Friends are made by many acts...and lost by only one." -- Harvey Mackay

In an office two colleagues by name Susan and Ron worked amicably. Susan was senior in the office while Ron was junior although the latter was elder to the former in age. Besides, Ron was more experienced when clubbed with his past experience in other areas when compared with Susan. Both Ron and Susan were good by nature, but Susan was a stubborn and dominant woman. She always dictated others as she was the senior most in the department. However, both maintained good friendship.

Once there was a task assigned by Susan where in Ron was asked to collect the documents of other departments and were to be handed over to HR department. Under the instructions of Susan, Ron collected and handed over to Tony in the HR department. But what Susan meant was to hand over the same to a specific person John in HR department. In fact, Susan and Tony did not gel with each other.

On hearing that the documents were handed over to Tony, Susan burst into anger and shouted at Ron. Ron tried to remind Susan that the documents were handed over as instructed. Susan lost her self-control and took Ron to task about the issue. Ron repeatedly tried to persuade Susan that it was not an issue to blow up in proportions. He went on further by telling her that Susan would have specifically communicated to hand over the same to John. Ron was a cool and mature man and somehow managed to control the temper of Susan about the improper communication. From thereafter, both Ron and Susan had strained relations and departed forever. From this example it becomes very clear about the importance of self-control.


Acquire knowledge as knowledge is power. It will help in strengthening your self-control. Those who are highly focused and task oriented have better self-control than others. Leaders demonstrate their self-control during success and defeat Self-control is a skill. It is not a trait or talent that one is born with. It is possible by changing your behavior through practice. Everything is in your mind. Therefore, control your mind so that you can control everything within and around you for achieving all-round success.

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