Thursday, September 17, 2009

Prof. M.S.Rao's Publication in Emerald Journal

Dear All,

I would like to share the successful publication of my intellectual contribution titled “Is cutting development and training in a recession a good idea? Looking at the IT and ITeS sector in India” in the Journal ‘Development and Learning in Organizations’ in 2009 of Emerald Group Publishing Limited vide link: http://www.emeraldinsight.com/10.1108/14777280910982915


Dr. Kishore said...

Congratulations Professor. I wish you many more feathers in your intellectual cap.

Dhiva said...

Sir, you deserve for this publication, Your teachings are Simple, clear ,digestive and inner awakening for mind & soul.. Congratulation for your work & your passion.Be Blissfull

Professor Steve said...

Dear Professor Rao

I have been reading your posts since long. But it is the first time I am commenting. Your posts are highly inspiring and motivational. You have wealth of knowledge and potential. I am sure you will reach your tipping point soon.

Congratulations for the publication. I will buy the document from Emerald and it is worth buying. You should try books as well to leave a mark across the world.

I wish you all the best.

Prof Steve

manoj said...

awesome sir u made our heads held high i wish u all the success in the world

laxmi swetha said...
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Dr. Charles, South Africa said...

Dear Rao,

You are really great. You are scaling the heights of success. May your intellectual contributions open up the minds of many researchers, teachers and consultants,

Dr. Charles
South Africa

Dr.Pratima said...

Hats off to you Professor,

Your posts are beneficial to all especially for students. Keep posting such stuff.

I wish you all the best,


Larry, Educator said...

Best of luck Prof Rao

Try getting your intellectual contributions published in other reputed journals and magazines also.

Prof. Wilson said...

All the best Professor Rao


Denise - California said...

This is a great news!
Congratulations, Professor

Best of luck

Denise - California

Dr. Candy said...

Hi Professor,

Congratulations for the publication.

Your blog is worth reading. It has lot of information about soft skills and leadership.

Wishing you many such publications in future.


Dr.Xavier said...

Dear Sir,

Your profile is excellent. And posts are interesting and inspiring. Keep motivating all of us.


Prof.Christopher, Boston said...

Professor Rao

Excited to know your achievements. Keep it up. Contribute more articles for the benefit of students.

Your blog should become like another online newspaper for everyone with lot of intellectual inputs.

All the best.

Prof.Christopher, Boston

Dr.Sherton said...

Dear Professor Rao

I have been reading your posts since long. Your posts reflect your passion to share your knowledge and experience with mankind.

Your language is simple and easy to understand.

All the best



Dr. Keleher said...

Dear Professor Rao

It is great to hear. Add more value to yourself by contributing articles to other journals as well.

Dr. Keleher