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Soft Skills and Johari Window

Soft skills are all about skills, abilities and traits related to personality, attitude and behavior related to non-technical skills. It is also about communication skills and focuses more on how rather than what an individual communicates. It focuses about the pleasant and polite presentation during communication. In the process of improving communication skills, the Johari Window helps a lot in bringing about awareness of oneself and in fostering better human interaction. In this context, it is desirable to know briefly about Johari Window.

What is Johari Window?

Johari window was coined by Joseph and Harry Ingham in 1955. The name Johari has been drawn from the names of both Joseph and Harry Ingham.

Johari window has four quadrants. Each of these quadrants indicates information about feelings, motivation etc., The first quadrant is all about what we see and others see. The second quadrant is all about what others see us but we are not aware of the same. The third quadrant depicts where we neither know about ourselves nor others see. And finally in the fourth quadrant reflects what we know but keep from others. The four quadrants are represented by Arena, Blind Spot, Unknown and Fa├žade respectively.

In a nutshell, Johari Window outlines about communication both at overt and covert level. At the overt level, it actually touches on what is actually said and at covert level it highlights on what is actually meant.

Advantages of Johari Window:

• The tool brings out awareness about individuals thereby helping in their personality development.
• It also promotes team building skills and leadership skills among the people as people are conscious of their abilities and skills and also the strengths and weaknesses.
• It furthers soft skills thereby ensuring the survival and success of the people at their workplace.
• It minimizes if there is any communication gap thereby promoting effective human interaction and relations.
• It enhances better production and productivity.


Johari Window is widely used in training and development. It brings out awareness about oneself. Finally it promotes soft skills among the people thus bringing out overall growth and prosperity for the individuals as well as institutions.

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