Wednesday, December 23, 2009

“All Telugus across the World Must Unite” – Prof.M.S.Rao

Love your mother but don’t hate others’ mother. Love your caste, region, religion, language and community. But don’t hate others’ caste, region, religion, language and community.

The current crisis in Andhra Pradesh has left deep scars among Telugu hearts. People are getting divided on regional lines emotionally. It is mainly due to the vested interests of political parties. It is the movement sparked by politicians who have been rejected by the electorates. It is an attempt to boost their sagging morale. Adding fuel to the fire, there are several new players who are fishing in the troubled waters. It is a situation where everyone is trying to hit the limelight at any cost in the name of fasts. If fake fasts go on in this way, nobody would take fasts seriously in future. If the current situation is not managed properly, it will develop deeper ill-feelings among the people of all regions. In that case, it would become a tough task to heal their wounds.

Our Telugu Talli has three sons – Telangana, Rayalaseema and Andhra. She would weep when one of her sons is willing to be separated. For any mother, all children are equal. No mother likes the separation of her sons. If there are any differences, let three sons sit together and resolve the differences without hurting Telugu Talli.

Germans were hurt when Germany was separated. They were excited when they were united. Let us learn lessons out of unification and maintain the geographical unity of Andhra Pradesh.

Media should play a constructive role in appreciating the commonalities rather than highlighting the differences among Telugus. It should place the facts and figures dispassionately whatever the competition they have among themselves.

The intellectuals should come forward to enlighten the people about the facts. Let us keep the secessionist elements at bay. If a particular region has not progressed, let us find out why it has not progressed. What were the politicians of the region doing until now? It is the politicians of the region who must be made accountable and responsible for backwardness of the region. They should accept the blame and look at the ways and means to set right the regional imbalances.


All Telugus should rationally think and act. Don’t become emotional and get incited by notorious politicians. I emotionally appeal to all Telugu fraternity cutting across caste, religion, regional, national and geographical barriers to stay united to defeat the politicians who are misusing the youth for their political gains. I appeal them to remain calm, cool and composed.

Always take pride of being an Indian and being a Telugu but not being a Talanganite or Andhrite or Rayalaseemite. Jai Hind

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silversting said...

Hello Sir, the article is really impressive and inspiring.i completely agree with you regarding united andhra,yes v have to be one,we should be one..with their vested interests politicians are igniting the spark in students without even thinking their careers and encouraging them to fight for telangana.ultimately students should understand that they are going to pay the price for their current agitation,telangana people should understand that KCR will do nothing for telangana except becoming CM,development is only possible when v are united.he is the root cause for all the problems that v r facing,Think rationally and dont ever allow a drunkard(KCR) to break our Telugu talli into two parts and rule our state.