Wednesday, December 30, 2009

“Set SMART Resolutions for New Year – 2010” – Prof.M.S.Rao

“Success is the product of successive setbacks” – Prof.M.S.Rao

Dear friends,

I wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year 2010

As we approach New Year we need to set our resolutions which must be SMART. First of all, take stock of your achievements in the year 2009. And, of course, look for setbacks as well. Examine why you did not reach your goals. Was it due to internal or external factors? If it were due to internal factors you need to accept the facts and own responsibility. If it were due to external factors such as disturbances or distractions you don’t have to worry much.

Before you set your goals, be specific. That means what do you want become or what do you want to achieve in the year 2010. Unless you have clarity and be specific it becomes difficult to achieve your goals.

You need to measure your goals. How long does it take to reach your goals? Quantifying the same helps you in moving forward smoothly. Thirdly you must be able to achieve the goals. If you set the goals which are beyond your human limitations, you get discouraged. Therefore, set achievable goals. The goals have to be reasonable and realistic. These should not be based on fantasy or daydreaming. Finally you need to check the status of your goals which is possible only when you can track time to time. It is also about reviewing for the results and taking feedback. If you did not achieve, you must be able to check where the problem was. It enables you to stay focused on your goals.

After setting the goals, it is time for your action, involvement, efforts and energies. If you feel that the goal is big, then break it into small parts and execute. Don’t get distracted with minor disturbances and diversions. Get back to the main track and start moving. Stay away from negative people who may throw a spanner into your good works. Keep moving ahead with a firm optimism and confidence that one day is your day.

Therefore, don’t wait. Set SMART resolutions and hit bull’s eye.

All the best

Be Well,

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