Friday, October 1, 2010

“Accept and Respect Ayodhya Verdict” – Professor M.S.Rao

Finally, the sensitive Ayodhya issue has been pronounced by the Lucknow court on 30 September 2010. The features of the verdict are:

• Land is divided into three parts
• 1/3 of the land is allotted to Muslims.
• Status quo is to be maintained for 3 months.
• Idols cannot be removed.

It is a secular verdict. We have to accept and honor the verdict in the larger interests of our nation. India is still a developing country with several economic and other issues. In fact, these issues are more important than the Ayodhya issue. Therefore, it is vital for all of us to accept and respect the verdict for taking the country forward to peace and progress.

It is time to bid good bye to mixing religion with politics and start focusing in developmental activities for India’s growth. Let us forget the wounds of the past and move forward with fraternity and unity.

Let us congratulate the people of India for displaying peace and tranquility after the verdict. Let us also congratulate our Union Home Minister P.Chidambaram for taking precautionary measures to maintain peace and tranquility.

The author personally appeals to all Indians to respect the verdict in the larger interests of building a better and stronger India. Let us do remember that we are Indians first and Indians last. Jai Hind

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