Monday, October 18, 2010

“What is Customer Pipeline?” – Professor M.S.Rao

You must have heard about leadership pipeline. Let us also know about customer pipeline. It sounds strange to hear about customer pipeline, right!

In leadership pipeline companies keep their leadership talent in the pipeline to avert any kind of organizational eventuality. Especially when key senior executive surprises with sudden resignation, companies don’t have to worry with the sudden exit as they ask the next senior most to take up the charge for time being. In the meanwhile companies shortlist the leadership talent available in the leadership pipeline for senior position for taking the organization forward smoothly and successfully. Leadership pipeline helps companies to have organizational effectiveness and excellence. However, in customer pipeline companies must constantly create new customers as an ongoing process as customers are not permanent to any particular company or brand. When customers find better products and services elsewhere they shift their loyalty. Therefore, companies must regularly find out the pulse of the people to know their tastes and temperaments in order to retain their loyalty. Precisely, customer pipeline is all about retaining the existing customers by finding their changing tastes and temperaments and expanding the customer base through innovative tools and techniques through continuously and constantly for the growth of the company.

Researchers and marketing experts must look at the ways and means to explore and expand this concept as it is well known fact that all businesses purely depend on customers.

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François said...

Thank you much- I looked all over the web for a simple explanation for a business plan I am about to submit to a major investor and yours really helped. Thank you!