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Sri Krishna Committee Report and Telangana Tangle- Professor M.S.Rao

As the Srikrishna Committee is going to submit its report, the eyes are set again on the burning issue of Telangana. The issue is not new and has been existing for the last 50 years. It has become active under the leadership of K. Chandrasekar Rao (KCR), the leaders of TRS. The state of Andhra Pradesh has come to such a situation that nobody is going to give up. In this regard, let us look at the meaning of conflict and the means to resolving conflicts.

Conflict is all about disagreements between various people, groups and teams due to various reasons. The reasons may be due to scarcity of resources, threat to one’s position and authority, miscommunication, perceptions, personality clashes due to egos, differences in value system and disproportionate allocation of resources. When we look at Telangana issue at the surface level, it appears like a cultural issue. However, when we look at the issue below the surface, it is basically the regional imbalances that have been created due to the neglect by past politicians. The political leaders of all parties rarely cared for the development of this region except looking after their political gains. In order to tackle the Telangana tangle, let us know various conflict management styles.

Conflict Management Styles

There are several ways to resolve the conflicts. We will take the below five top conflict management styles: They are

• The Shark Style: It is competitive and it wants to win at the cost of others. It is aggressive style. It is known as win-lose approach. The advantage out of this style is that there is a temporary win and the conflicts are resolved. The disadvantage is that there is resentment and hostility from other side. The other party can strike back at any time.

• The Turtle Style: It is to avoid the conflicts when they are minor in nature. Sometimes, prolonged delay might turn out to be a major crisis. The disadvantage is that the conflicts are not resolved.

• The Teddy Bear Style: It is compromising when people want to maintain amicable relations with others. It is submissive style and lose-win approach. Conflicts are resolved in this style, but can be exploited in future.

• The Fox Style: Fox is an intelligent animal. It wants others to lose so that it can also lose something to resolve the conflicts. It is lose-lose approach and is also known as accommodating approach. However, it is still not an ideal outcome.

• The Owl Style: It is the ideal outcome where all parties are happy as their interests are protected and conflicts are resolved. It is collaborating by taking the strengths of all parties. It is win-win approach. It is assertive style where all parties are called and discussed and conflicts are resolved through consensus. The only problem with this style is that it takes lot of time and efforts.

Having seen various conflict resolving styles, The Turtle Style led to the present crisis in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Therefore, there is strong need to adopt The Owl Style so that all Telugus can live with peace and prosperity without any ill will and animosity. It is the most ideal style in the current context.

Final Word

There has to be win-win approach where all parties must be happy to collaborate to take the state forward for peace and progress. We need to adopt ‘The Owl Style’ approach so that all Telugus are can live with fraternity. The Telugus may fight on cultural and regional level currently. But the same Telugus will unite cutting across regions, cultures and dialects, if there is external threat from other languages, because they are emotionally connected with one common language – Telugu.

To conclude, whatever may be the report, the people of all regions must exercise calm and restraint. The aggrieved parties can fight their issue through democratic, peaceful and legal means. They must look at the commonalities, not differences.

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