Monday, June 13, 2011

“Dear Teachers! Are You Learning from Your Students?” - Professor M.S.Rao

“I am here to teach you whatever I know and learn whatever you know.” – Professor M.S.Rao, Founder of MSR Leadership Consultants India

Good teachers are great learners. They learn from all sources so as to teach effectively for their students. Ego doesn’t prevent them learning from their students as well. These days students are much smarter than teachers as they think unconventionally and handling such students has become a major challenge for teachers. Because of the exposure to technology and the availability of information at the click of mouse students have accessibility to more information. As a result, their expectations have gone up. And they want more from their teachers. The conventional teachers read the books, prepare for classes and teach students. Students don’t appreciate such teachers currently as they expect more from teachers and that too beyond books. As a result, teachers have to do lot of research and produce the material that is unknown to students so that they can stand firmly on their feet and command respect from students.

I have a student, Ashwin who attends my management sessions. He is working at middle level management and joined management course to hone his skills and abilities. He has lot of ideas and shares with me. I encouraged him to share such valuable information in the classroom in the presence of other students so that they are benefited out of it. Since Ashwin hails from a prestigious company with good amount of experience he has his own anecdotes to share. He was excited with my encouragement and started sharing his experiences. The students began enjoying his experiences and anecdotes and I also encouraged other students to share their corporate experiences.

Currently my students began enjoying my teaching sessions as it has become interactive with experiences of other experienced students. Hence, teachers must encourage students to come forward and share their ideas and insights as it builds leadership qualities among students and generates more knowledge. Above all, teachers must have open mind to listen and learn from their students without false-ego for the overall benefit of students.

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