Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Endorsement by Dave Ulrich, Co-Founder, The RBL Group for Professor M.S.Rao's book, "Soft Leadership - Make Others Feel More Important

Dear bloggers,

Dave Ulrich is kind enough to write foreword for my upcoming leadership book, "Soft Leadership - Make Others Feel More Important". Here is the endorsement given by him for this book.

“Professor M.S.Rao is a devoted and caring teacher. In the most noble sense of teaching, he invests in his students intellectual and emotional well being. His personal commitment to being a soft leader allows him to be an example that others can draw on to recognize, learn, and master leadership with a caring heart. He has written the book titled, ‘Soft Leadership – Make Others Feel More Important’ from the heart of a soft leader to the hearts of those aspiring to lead the new world in a new way. His work helps show how to make abundance happen through Soft Leadership.” – Dave Ulrich, Co-Founder The RBL Group

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