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“Whimsical Woman – Short Story” - Professor M.S.Rao

“The weak in courage is strong in cunning.” -  William Blake

Chanchal was an overambitious woman with average height and great physical beauty. She was 32 years old.  She worked in a multinational company as a consultant. She joined for management education to acquire degree so that she could grow professionally.

The very first day she bombarded the Professor Lenny with volley of questions such as whether the Professor Lenny would discuss examination papers and undertake extra sessions. Professor responded affirmatively with lot of patience.

The Professor Lenny conducted classes regularly.  He was jovial while interacting with his students and encouraged students to discuss various aspects of the subject and his sessions were highly interactive.  During the course of teaching sessions Chanchal would ask several questions out of the subject in the classroom and the Professor Lenny replied with patience. She often asked Professor Lenny to include spicy content so that the sessions would be interesting. Initially the Professor Lenny did not understand and gradually he realized that she wanted informal information with too many ingredients to include and teach so that she could relish. Although Professor was passionate and who joined teaching profession to make a difference in the lives of students, he did not appreciate including spicy content.  He was upset as the way the tastes and trends of few students were changing.  Professor Lenny included humor in his classes and the classes went on smoothly.  The entire batch of students who came from industrial background liked the teaching sessions of Professor Lenny and requested him to undertake sessions for another subject also after completion of the present subject. The Professor Lenny agreed.

The Professor Lenny was excited to conduct teaching sessions for another subject as he was already aware of the audience profile and their expectations.  Chanchal was never regular to classes and mostly she would talk about extra-marital affairs and illicit relations of others which were enjoyed by few students in the classroom but Professor Lenny did not appreciate. Professor Lenny began observing her closely as it was the second subject he was handling with these students. Chanchal would always talk about her boy friends and money related aspects in the classroom and she would often give wrong suggestions to the organizational challenges of other students in the classroom. Professor Lenny maintained distance with Chanchal and advised her to stay away from such talks.

One day when Professor Lenny was in the classroom he received a telephone call from Chanchal.  She said that she was in problem and wanted money from him immediately. Professor Lenny said he was in the classroom and expressed his inability to extend his financial help and advised her to take help from her office colleagues.  After sometime Chanchal sent message from her cell phone to Professor Lenny, “Thanks for not helping me.  I settled the matter with others’ help. I don’t want any acquaintance with you.”  Professor Lenny was surprised to receive such message from a student.  He taught for many years and for thousands of students and he never saw such a woman who asked money initially and sending such message subsequently when expressed inability to extend help. 

Professor Lenny did not have good opinion about Chanchal right from the beginning as she was a whimsical and overambitious woman.  She did not know the value of relations and how to maintain distance with others. Professor Lenny concluded that a woman like Chanchal would maintain relations only when others are useful to her and pitied about her nature and behavior.

From this story it is obvious that we should learn to empathize with others and must know whom to seek financial help. It is also essential to draw a clear line in relations. And also it is clear that relations are more precious and sacred than mere money.  And overambitious woman like Chanchal can go to any extent to please her ego.  It is better to stay away from such selfish and narrow minded persons who will do more harm than good for others.

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