Saturday, December 31, 2011

“3:5:7:10 Success Principle” - Professor M.S.Rao

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Here is the success principle toachieve all round success not only in the year 2012 but also in your entirelife. It is known as 3:5:7:10 success principle. When you want to achieve success you need toset your goals properly. Once you set your goals it becomes easier for you toaccomplish whatever you desire. In fact, goals help you remove negativethoughts, manage your time effectively, stay focused and enhance longevity asyou aspire to achieve them. In order to accomplish your goals, it is essentialto write rather than think as written goals are more effective than the unwrittengoals and they keep you aligned firmly towards your goals.

When you want to achieve audaciousgoals first find out your passions and work on it continuously for 3 years sothat you can acquire requisite knowledge and competence in that area. If youcontinue putting your efforts up to 5 years you will have recognition at yourregional level in your area of expertise. If you continue putting efforts up to 7 years you will be recognized atthe national level in your area of interest. And finally, if you extend your sincereefforts consistently up to 10 years then you will be able to brand yourselfglobally and succeed as an international expert in your area. Hence, on the eve of this New Year 2012 setyour goals based on this success principle and you will be amazed to findyourself as an international expert in your area of interest by 2022.

“All who have accomplished greatthings have had a great aim, have fixed their gaze on a goal which was high,one which sometimes seemed impossible.” - OrisonSwett Marden

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