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For a Woman, Behavior is more Important than Beauty – A Short Story” Professor M.S.Rao

“It’s beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart.”  - Anonymous

Whether a woman or man character is very precious as it will either make or break them in the society. To substantiate this, there are a number of quotations emphasizing character as the first and last quality for an individual.  Billy Graham went to the extent of quoting: “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost.”

It is the nature of a woman to impress others with her God gifted beauty. But at the same time the woman with good character doesn’t compromise her values and morals. I have come across a girl – Kirtika when I worked as a professor in a college. She was very beautiful with good height and fair complexion. Initially everybody was eager to talk to her and praised her beauty. When she entered into the first year of engineering college she was 18 years old and her behavior was good. However, she got into wrong friends due to peer pressure. She invited boys to sit beside her in the college bus. She teased boys openly in the bus. She did not listen to the repeated warnings given to her by faculty in the bus. She behaved as though she was the princess of the college. She developed more arrogance as more boys competed to talk to her.  She became proud about her beauty.  She lost her morals gradually and the entire college came to know about her affairs with boys. Some boys exploited her beauty and finally she lost her goodwill. She failed miserably in exams also. The college authorities complained to her parents about her affairs with boys, misconduct, irregular attendance and poor performance in exams. Parents tried to control her but it was of no use.

From this story, it is obvious that basically all girls are good. At times, the peer pressure prevails and girl like Kirtika lost her image. Hence, both boys and girls must know where to draw the line while mingling with opposite gender to maintain their character to create a good impression among other students, faculty and above all parents.  Remember, whether a man or a woman, they should never lose their character.

No man appreciates a woman whose character is weak. A few girls don’t realize this fact and lose their morals and values thus degrading themselves and bringing bad name to their parents and educational institutions. This story is an eye opener to other good girls who may be tempted by wrong friends.

"People of character do the right thing, not because they think it will change the world but because they refuse to be changed by the world." - Michael Josephson

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