Saturday, September 20, 2014

“If a Film Producer Dies, Entire Film Industry Dies” - Professor M.S.Rao

“Superstars come and go. I want to make sure I am always a producer's actor. I may be refused to be called a great actor but I have never troubled any of my producers in my life. Honesty always catches the camera, and that is what my strength is.” - Akshay Kumar

Usually it is the heroes and heroines who earn good name when a film is hit. In rare cases, the villains and other artistes get credit when the film is a hit. Presently the directors of the films also earn good name if the film does well at the box office. However, the producers rarely earn any good name although it is the producers who risk everything by pumping all their money to make films in India. In most cases, the producers suffer the most. They have to manage many things including the egos of stars, directors, technicians and other stakeholders who are directly and indirectly involved in completion of a film.

It is basically the passion for films that inspires the film producers to risk everything to produce films. But mostly they suffer at the end. Most film stars hardly care their producers when their film bombs at the box office. However, there are a few actors who stand by their producers and handhold them if their films have failed at the box office. Such actors earn not only goodwill from their film producers but also ensure longevity of their career in the film industry.

Most people outside the film industry think that all producers have lots of money. It is not correct as most of them take loans from others. In some cases, they raise funds with high rate of interest to release their films on time. If films are not released on time, the interest rate will be higher, and it is a big risk again to the film producers.

Therefore, the life of film producers is not a bed of roses as viewed by outsiders. It is a bed of thorns. As long as producers perform well, actors and technicians flock them. The day the producers fail, these actors and technicians distance from such producers.

Remember, actors like Rajnikant and Chiranjeevi survived in the film industry as they supported their producers when their films failed at the box office by signing their next films with those producers for lesser remuneration.

The message from this article is that actors must support producers who are passionate to make films as passionate producers are very few in number presently. As the authors must support their publishers, the film stars must support their producers not only to ensure film industry to survive but also to ensure their careers to survive and thrive.  Remember, the actors and authors who let down their producers and publishers have gone to abyss.  Therefore, be accountable whether you are an actor or an author.