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“Films like ‘Gopala Gopala’ and ‘PK’ Articulated Ideas Effectively through Entertainment” - Professor M.S.Rao

“The first ingredient in conversation is truth: the next good sense; the third, good humor; and the fourth wit.” - Sir William Temple

When you preach good things they may sound boring to your audiences. But if you covey them entertainingly the audiences will accept them with excitement.

Some trainers and teachers fail to connect with their audiences because they preach too many things without a touch of humor. Although their preaching is positive with a strong message, they fail to connect their audiences as they do not make use of humor. In fact, humor helps greatly to convey the message and ensure effective takeaways among the audiences. There are several advantages of humor during the teaching and training programs. Humor breaks the monotony and boredom. It offers relief to the stressed audiences. Research shows that receivers accept only one out of the seven messages delivered by the senders. That means the receivers don’t accept all the messages due to various reasons including information overload, lack of interest on the topic, or inability of the senders to connect with the receivers, or due to preconceived notions or excessive ego by the receivers. Hence, senders must put all out efforts to ensure that the more number of messages reach out to their audiences through entertainment.  

The films like ‘PK’ and ‘Gopala Gopala’ convey message to the audiences in an entertaining manner. The intention is to expose fake babas and swami who exploit religion to fill their private coffers. These fake people thrive on the weaknesses of the people including insecurities and depression. If the films preached to the audiences in a conventional way, they would have been rejected. These two films made use of humor and articulated their ideas effectively to expose fake swamis and babas in the society. These fake babas and swamis are slurs in the society as they bring down the images of genuine babas and swamis whose heart is to serve society through spiritualism and promote fraternity.

Hence, conventional preaching doesn’t work any longer. Articulate your ideas effectively to reach to the audiences through entertainment. It sends them strong message to enable them to receive the actual message and bring out behavioral changes among themselves. In the long run, it promotes fraternity to build a healthy and better civilized society. Jai Hind!

“Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn't know the first thing about either” - Marshall McLuhan

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