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“Shankar’s Vision, Vikram’s Passion and Amy Jackson’s Performance in Film ‘I’ Amazing” - Professor M.S.Rao

I enjoyed watching the film ‘I’ on the eve of Pongal as I enjoy watching Shankar’s films. He makes one film and then moves on to the next film. He believes in quality, not quantity of films. He strives for excellence.

The movie is a romantic thriller with a strong plot although some portions are expected. Entire film is good but I feel it is slightly stretched in the second half of the film. Undoubtedly Shankar is India’s one of the best directors who lives up to the expectations of audiences and producers. He doesn’t let down anybody. He elevates the images of heroes and heroines in his films. Cinema is the only world for him. Amy Jackson’s performance is amazing. Shankar converted a glamorous girl into an actress. He molded her very well. Amy lived up to the expectations of audiences by performing her best. She looks stunningly beautiful in the film! There are some scenes where she performed exceedingly well by involving into the character. She is a thorough professional and gives her best. Shankar unlocked her immense hidden potential. She reinvented from being a model to an actress. Hats off to you Amy! Keep soaring like an eagle!

Amy proves that it is the heart matters in love, not looks. She stands by Vikram as she realizes that the latter got into troubles because of her. Vikram showed his love to her by requesting the doctor to marry her. There are many takeaways from this film. A man’s admiration for his model and a woman’s commitment to her love and havoc the professional jealousies play in all sectors.  The essence of the movie is that the one who digs the grave for others falls into it later.

In this film, we can see Shankar’s vision to create an awesome film, actor Vikram’s passion for cinema and actress Amy Jackson’s performance. Vikram acts well both as a smart looking man and as a monster looking hunchback. P. C. Sreeram’s cinematography is awesome and AR Rahman's music is noteworthy. Stunts in the gymnasium and a cycle fight scene in China are a true value addition to the film.  It contains hair raising sequences. It is a great treat to the audiences on the eve of Pongal. Enjoy watching this film!

Dear Shankar, you must understand the rising expectations of audiences and you must raise your bar constantly. Above all, no Indian director can compete with you except yourself. Good luck to you for your vision, passion and excellent execution of the film!

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