Saturday, January 17, 2009

Be an Eagle and Soar Like a Leader

When we look at turtles, they have low goals and low relationship. Sharks have high goals but low relationship. Teddy bears have high relationships but unfortunately low goals. The relationship and goals for fox is medium. It is only the eagle that has high relationship and high goals. Eagle is the only one which stands distinguished from the rest of other birds because of certain unique qualities. And these can be called as leadership qualities.

Eagle is good at goal setting. It can see any object from a distance of 500 feet. The leaders know the big picture and they set their vision. The eagle is highly focused and does not get deviated from its goals. It tries various ways and means to get its meal. Once it clearly targets the same, no amount of external factors or forces stop from acquiring. So is the case of a leader.

Eagle loves challenges and undergoes changes during lifetime which is essential for leaders. Eagle loves and thrives in thunderstorms. It believes in uncertainly and is highly confident. Eagle is a risk taker as well.

Eagles think big, dream big and dare big. They never settle for less. They want the best of everything in life. So are the leaders who are passionate, dreamers, doers and pursue their vision with dogged determination.

It is a competitive world where it is not only the fittest but also the most adaptable can survive. You have to change with rapid changing times. And to be a successful leader, you must be able to learn lessons fast from your failures, quickly correct yourself and move forward aggressively without regretting and brooding over failures.

Leaders are always compared with eagles because they soar above the crowd. They know where they are going and why they are going. No amount of external disturbances prevents them reaching their goals. Therefore, be an eagle and soar like a leader.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your comments regarding my quote on eagles http://tinyurl.com/tmeagle The eagle is a great symbol for leaders as you pointed out in your blog. I like your description in comparing similarities between eagles and leaders. Keep Soaring!

Theresa Maria Napa, CPCC, LOACC
Leadership & Anything is Possible Coach

Adrianne Bowden said...

Great association between Eagles and leadership. What many often forget is to look at the big picture... to visualize, to take care of yourself. You can't be a great leader to others until you are a great leader to yourself.
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