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Comments from Alan J. Zell, Ambassador of Selling at Attitudes for Selling

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Prof Rao.

I liked your article on Lincoln's E's. I will adapt some of it in my work with small businesses and when I am a guest speaker in high school and college business & marketing classes. Thank you!

The "Lincoln" revisitations due to Mr. Obama's election has been very interesting. We've had more books published or reprinted, picture exhitions in galleries and museums, television programs of all kinds,that our minds are becoming overloaded with Linolnisms.

I also have a distant tie to Lincoln as I graduated from Lincoln High School here in Portland, Oregon and it is celebrating its 100 year anniversary on the 200 year anniversary of his birth. In addition, I am a member of the LHS Alumni Committee that raises money to invest and the interest gained goes to giving two college schoolarships.

Besides my "6 degrees of separation" to Lincoln, I have, in some ways, the same 6 degree with you because I have done many workshops and seminars for teachers, administrators, staff on why they, even if they don't want to admit it, are in sales.

At one talk, I greeted my audience of liberal arts teachers with "I'm please to be speaking to so many vocational education teachers." If they had rotten tomatoes or eggs handy, I would have been pelted with them. The theme of my talk was that every subject they taught have a direct relation to business and, whether they think it so, everybody goes into business. It is not a case of if, it is a case only of when. (For this event, I gave them several handouts related to the theme of my talk. Now I send it by ftp.)

Interesting, most educators do not realize it but there is more selling taking place in education than in any other field.

I will be interested in learning if you find any of the articles on my web site fit or augment some of the consulting and things you do.


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