Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Love, Courage and Strength

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. - Tao Tzu

When you love someone you will have courage to go to any extent. When someone loves you it gives you strength because there is someone to take care of you. That makes the difference between courage and strength. Besides, it is the strength that ensures your survival and it is the courage that ensures your success. It is a blessing when someone loves you deeply. However it is a blessing for the other person when you love.

Love is like a perennial river flowing without any let up. It is kind of feeling and affection sparking among the people. It involves emotions, feelings, desires, and attitudes. It need not to be a physical attraction. Love brings smiles and happiness. Love enhances interpersonal relations and commitments. Pure love removes negative thoughts from mind.

Love has nothing to do with age. Love can blossom at any age. It is all about igniting your spark. When some people see someone, the spark gets ignited and it is nothing but love. When you love someone with pure heart you can definitely win the love. Even if the loved ones are separated, they get connected after some years if the love is pure and strong.

We don’t see anybody dying for the sake of brother, mother, father. But we find people dying for the sake of love. Why it is so? Courage comes from love. When your loved one is being taken away or is hurt you get courage to go to any extent to protect even risking your life.

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