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“How to Convey Sad News To Your Wife” - Professor M.S.Rao

“The most important gift you can give your children is to love their mother.” – Anonymous

On November 24 2011, Tom went to another city on a business tour. He got telephonic information that his father-in-law passed away. He was disturbed with the news, cancelled his business tour and returned home on November 25, 2011 to convey the news to his beloved wife. Tom loved his wife very deeply and never saw tears in her eyes after marrying her. He made his wife very special throughout his 21 years of marriage life by loving her and treating her with great respect.

On reaching home he found his wife watching television interestingly. She was surprised with Tom’s sudden return from business tour as he was basically scheduled to reach home after three days. She was excited to see him returning much before the scheduled date. She enquired the reason for reaching home before the schedule and further probed whether business tour was successful. He said that the business work was over and, hence, he returned. Both had lunch and Tom was worried within his mind how to convey the sad news of her father’s death. After taking lunch Tom’s wife began viewing television.

He found it difficult to convey sad news to his wife. He was hesitating to tell her but he had to tell her the truth. Tom’s wife was watching television with great interest as there was an interesting Hollywood film being telecasted. He decided to convey the news after sometime. He had to convey the news but did not have courage to tell her as she would break into tears.

At 13:30 hours, finally, he took courage and went to his wife slowly and had conversation about other things and, finally, informed her that her father was not well. Her face turned with anxiety suddenly, switched off the television and inquired the reason whether he was bedridden. She loved Tom very deeply and left her parents and relatives and came along with him. She did not have any contact with her father since long. Finally, Tom took courage and informed her about her father’s death. She hugged him and broke into tears. Tom never saw her crying since 21 years of their married life. Tom consoled her and told her to accept the life as it is.

From the above story, it reveals that it is easy to advise others but tough to experience sad moments in life. It is not easy to convey the news of death to others especially to your loved ones. Therefore, prepare well mentally, take the right moment and share the sad news slowly and finally get prepared for consoling them.

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