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“Initial Struggles of an Author” - Professor M.S.Rao

"If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write things worth reading or do things worth writing.” - Benjamin Franklin

I have faced several challenges initially to establish myself as author. I have passion for writing, teaching and consulting. Having 30 years of experience in various verticals and areas and seven qualifications in various areas such as in technical, science, arts, legal and management and I decided to integrate all of my strengths to excel as an author. Above all, I have passion for writing which I discovered way back in 1989. I had an ambition to author a book in 1990s itself but due to several challenges I could not pursue it. In fact, I started writing from end of 2007 onwards by reconnecting my passion that I discovered in 1990s. I created a blog to share my knowledge with the world as I thought it is the best way to reach out to the world to make a difference. I personally don’t believe in retaining my knowledge with me and I enjoy sharing it with others so that others are benefitted. I pursued my passion for teaching but the impact is limited to classroom only. Therefore, I created a blog to share my knowledge for the benefit of others. There is great response to my blog. There are people who visit my blog regularly and send me personal emails and sometimes posting their precious comments in my blog.

I enjoy a lot while writing. I get lot of pleasure while writing. Writing unwinds me. I cannot sleep if I don’t write for a day and I feel that I missed something in my life. James Michener rightly said, “I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” Therefore, writing is close to my heart and it is my daily habit.

I decided to author a book initially as it was my lifelong ambition to publish at least one book. Then I wrote my first book Secrets for Success. I prepared the book proposal and sent it to more than 200 publishers. Nobody took me seriously as I was making debut as an author. Finally one publisher came forward to publish my book and that made me forget all the pain I took to author and search for a publisher. In fact, I don’t belong to the family of authors. I am not a popular author. Usually publishers want to play safe by publishing the works of established authors so that they can generate their revenues quickly. And they are justified as they invest money for publishing the books. Publishers also look for the credentials of a new author whether he is working in prestigious educational institution in senior position so that marketing book becomes easier for them. They also look whether the author is an established CEO or a celebrity to promote their books. But I am not a CEO, or a Vice Chancellor of a prestigious university or an established celebrity or a rich person who can invest money to publish my own books. Despite all these handicaps I pursued my passion of writing books where chances of getting recognition are too remote and income are too less. Above all, I am not financially strong to invest and to sustain my family as well. But what made me become an author is because of my passion and pure perseverance.

After facing several initial challenges with publishers I was searching for endorsements and foreword for my book. Finally, Lenny Laskowski, an international public speaker and author came forward to write foreword for my book and I was excited. After facing several financial hardships and challenges I have seen the publication of my first book. It was a great day in my life. It is like mother delivering her baby and getting excited by seeing her new born baby.

Despite all these setbacks I still want to write as I have passion for writing. I live with great hope that one day will be my day where I will be able to inspire entire mankind. I will forget all of my initial struggles and sacrifices on that day. I am confident that I make a difference in the lives of others and leave a mark behind for others to follow.

I have authored 12 books so far. Now I am getting several calls from publishers for writing books for them. Therefore, don’t blame external circumstances for the challenges you face. Success comes at a cost. Success comes with lot of struggles as you don’t get it on platter. Learn to work hard and manage challenges. Above all, follow your passions rather than money and one day will be your day where you will be able to make a mark for yourself and leave a mark behind for others to follow. Here is a great quote that suits my struggles and touches me the most:

“It is impossible to discourage the real writers - they don't give a damn what you say, they're going to write.” - Sinclair Lewis

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