Saturday, May 5, 2012

“God is Making You Greater” - Professor M.S.Rao

During my three decades of experience in varied capacities, I have seen a number of people living in their comfort zones and sailing smoothly.  They take pride in playing safe in their lives, and they often blame the people who failed in their lives.  When the failed people bounce back from failures and make it big critics regret for not having tried and, at times, they express envy over the success of others.  In fact, when you sail smoothly think that you are not using your full potential.  You can unlock your full potential only when you explore, fail, invent and bounce back from failures with tenacity.

When you sail smoothly your inner potential lies hidden. However, when you face a severe storm you come out of your comfort zone, and start thinking in various ways and means to sail the ship smoothly to the shore and, you unlock your hidden potential ultimately. History reveals that the people who became great are the ones who faced several challenges in their lifetimes, not the one who led a cozy and comfortable life. These great people rarely realized their inner strength and potential until they confronted with challenges. Hence, when you are confronted with challenges, God must be helping you discover your hidden strength, and is trying to get the best out of you. 

Remember that whenever you face challenges in life, God has bigger plans for you, and you are destined to soar greater heights.  God is great!

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