Wednesday, May 23, 2012

“Merits and Demerits for Fulltime Writers” - Professor M.S.Rao

"You have to write a million words before you find your voice as a writer." ---Henry Miller

There’re merits and demerits for writers and authors. Mostly demerits outnumber merits for novices.  You must know both before you want to take up writing as a fulltime career.

Here’re the merits: You can work at your convenient time and place. You can unlock your passion and write whatever comes from your mind. There’re many things which we can’t express to others and the same can be expressed easily through writing. There’re no boundaries.  You’ll be amazed to know your hidden potential and creativity once you start writing. Above all, you’ll earn name and fame if you do well.

Here’re the demerits: There’ll not be any regular income. If you are financially weak then it is more challenging.  If you’re married with family responsibilities and commitments then you’ll not be able to concentrate on writing thus doing injustice to it.  The market is tough and it is difficult to predict the tastes of readers as their tastes are changing rapidly.  You’ll also find people who criticize your work rather than appreciate your creativity and efforts.

Remember that you’ve to undergo tons of trials and tribulation and sacrifice a lot until you achieve success. Mostly you don’t find any light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve seen many writers who gave up mostly due to financial challenges although they had bags of creativity, imagination and passion.  But if things work out in your favor then you’ll hit limelight and excel as a legendary writer.  Hence, weigh all options before you want to pursue writing as a fulltime career.  

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