Friday, September 14, 2012

“Advantages of Napping” - Professor M.S.Rao

“Sex and sleep alone make me conscious that I am mortal.” - Alexander the Great

Recently I came across a media report where US President Barack Obama was taking a nap in the noon. It caught my attention as some people think that napping is bad as it symbolizes laziness. In fact, napping has innumerable advantages. Here is a few of them:

  • It reboots your body and mind.
  • It reverses information overload. 
  • It enhances your creativity and boosts your memory.  
  • It refreshes your mind and relieves you from your stress.
  • It enhances your concentration.
  • It releases your strained muscles and gives you relief from aches.
  • It makes you more productive and energetic.  Hence, don’t view negatively when you find someone napping after lunch break. But here is a caution! Don’t sleep for a long time as it leads to laziness.

Research reveals that napping for a brief period during the day time is highly beneficial to both body and mind. It also enhances performance at the workplace. That is the reason why some global companies such as Nike, British Airways and Google encourage their employees to take a nap to enable them to reinvigorate and improve performance.

When you look at leaders like Winston Churchill, Lyndon B. Johnson, Napoleon Bonaparte, John F. Kennedy, Thomas Edison, Stonewall Jackson, and Salvador Dali, there is a common thread connecting them.  They all napped during the day time.  Hence, take nap to recharge, refresh and reboot your mental and physical system.

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