Sunday, September 2, 2012

“I am the Creator, Generator and Destroyer” - Professor M.S.Rao

"If the creator had a purpose in equipping us with a neck, he surely meant us to stick it out." - Arthur Koestler

I play three roles in a day. I get up early in the morning as I am an early riser. I keep authoring books in the area of leadership development. I make use of my best potential and uncork my hidden talents and explore various things as my body supports it. My mind is my boss and does whatever the good it can do for others. My mind goes all over the world covering on various aspects and expressing my dreams and passion. Subsequently I keep reading the best content on my passionate area of leadership development. I refer quality books and blogs and read the content written by international leadership experts who present different perspectives. I keep reading and creating more ideas thus adding value to my existing knowledge base. In fact, I enjoy reading, and appreciate learning continuously to add value to my knowledge. While reading I get new triggers and find out what is missing and address the same. I start exploring how to fill those existing gaps. Subsequently I start eliminating irrelevant ideas and negative individuals who I meet and do not add any value to my knowledge base and to my life. Before I go to my bed I empty my mind from information overload and also individuals’ overload, and plan for the next day and fall asleep. This is how I do every day. Precisely, I am the creator in the morning as I write books; I am the generator in the afternoon as I keep learning new things, acquire new ideas and insights and create new triggers; and I am the destroyer in the night as I eliminate irrelevant individuals and outdated knowledge from my mind. To put in the Hindu philosophy, I am the Lord Brahma in the morning; I am the Lord Vishnu in the afternoon; and I am the Lord Shiva in the night. I play these three roles everyday and continue to play rest of my life. 

Remember that God gifted 24 hours to everyone.  Hence, you must learn to make use of your time in such as way that you enjoy the journey of your life and reach your destination of success through effective time management.

"Time has a way of getting away from us, because we never have a grip on it during the day…" -- Doug Firebaugh

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