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“Are You Left-Brainer or Right-Brainer?” - Professor M.S.Rao

“Your incredible brain can take you from rags to riches, from loneliness to popularity, and from depression to happiness and joy - if you use it properly.”   - Brian Tracy

If you want to achieve success quickly being aware of your strengths and weaknesses helps you greatly. When you know your strengths you will be able to exploit them to achieve your desired objectives. When you know your weaknesses you can correct yourself quickly whenever you make mistakes and you can also gradually overcome them through practice.  In addition, if you are aware about yourself whether you are a left-brainer or right-brainer you can make use of your strengths and grow quickly in all spheres of your life.

According to Roger W. Sperry, human brain is divided into two compartments – left-brain and right-brain. Some people use more of left-brain, some use more of right-brain and a few use whole-brain. In fact, human mind is very powerful. If you know about yourself whether you are left-brainer or right-brainer you can make use of your mind, and be able to unlock your hidden potential to achieve a huge success in your life.  
Research shows that those who are "right-brained" are said to be more intuitive, thoughtful and subjective while those who are "left-brained" are often said to be more logical, analytical and objective. The left-brainers are more logical and have an eye for detail.  They can become good writers.  They are also good at language.  Hence, they can also become good speakers. Overall, they are down-to-earth. In contrast, the right-brainers are highly imaginative and creative and can thrive on risk. Overall, they appreciate spatial perception and can see the big picture. They can think out-of-the box and become scientists and excel as inventors.

You can take online tests to know whether you are a left-brainer or a right-brainer. Here is another way to find out whether you are left-brainer or right-brainer: When you see a dancer if you see in the clockwise direction, then you use more of the right of the brain. In contrast, if you see the dancer in the anti-clockwise direction, then you use more of the left side of the brain. Next time when you watch dancing observe yourself keenly as you not only enjoy dancing and also analyze yourself whether you are left-brainer or right-brainer.

"Don't limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, you can achieve." -- Mary Kay Ash

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