Sunday, January 13, 2008


“ A magazine or a newspaper is a shop. Each is an experiment and represents a new focus, a new ratio between commerce and intellect”, John Jay Chapman.

Business Standard is one of the best business newspapers in India and its language is simple, straight with commerce, business, academic, investment and industry insights. It communicates effectively and efficiently in a layman’s language. It provides the information, data, views, comments and opinions from all the areas and it clearly knows the pulse of its readers. It navigates slowly, coolly and directly into the contents and contexts more specifically.

The amount of information provided is immense and that is highly skimmable. It knows the knack of saving the readers’ precious time and energy and clearly details and pinpoints the information. It knows how to hit the bulls’ eye of its readers and it never lets down its readers. Richard Cobden aptly said, “ A newspaper should be the maximum of information, and the minimum of comment” and it is perfectly relevant and pertinent for this great institution (BS).

It encourages its readers to think out of the box, creatively, imaginatively and innovatively apart from providing regular statistical and informational diet. Its unbiased and dispassionate presentation makes all the readers loyal and comfortable.

Before I began reading this esteemed newspaper I was not able to form firm opinions and views on many things especially related to business and commerce. But once I glued to it I never had any second thoughts to change to any other business newspapers.

I work as an Academic Guide in ICFAI University and take classes for management graduates (MBA) and also I take classes for engineering graduates (B.Tech). It provided lot of mental inputs and diet related to my beloved teaching field. The articles like ‘What they don’t teach in B schools?’ impressed and helped me a lot to bridge the gap between theory and practice. I began explaining the subject in more practical and realistic manner. Previously I used to focus more on case studies and on theoretical aspects and concepts but now I began to focus more with industry insights. Rather my teaching has become more effective and efficient and, as a result, I am able to win the confidence, command and respect from my students as well as from my superiors.

The information, which I got from business education, which is published once in a week in this esteemed newspaper, provided me with valuable mental and statistical inputs, which I have taught to my students. I have collected a lot of information related to practical aspects of business problems from this and used them as my case studies in my teaching.

BS have changed my life from good to great by giving me knowledge. It made me think big, dream big and achieve big. It made me richer mentally, socially and economically. It directly contributed its best by making me to be more refined in my style of thinking and presentation during my teaching. It indirectly enhanced and sharpened my skills like professional writing. The knowledge that I gained from various sections of this newspaper helped me in publishing number of my articles in various global websites and Indian journals and magazines that gives me a great sense of fulfillment and achievement in my life.

Whatever the little money I had, I have been able to put it in an intelligent manner because of the technical and fundamental analysis provided by The Smart Investor supplementary provided once in a week. The success rate of investment into share investment is rather higher because of sound analysis and presentation of the sectors and segments with facts and figures. With the support of BS, I am now able to manage my funds properly and judiciously. Over all, I have become a mature and careful investor.

Before I plugged in to this newspaper, I was very conventional and now I am looking at things in an unconventional manner. I was casual reader of all newspapers but now I am a serious reader of this newspaper. Reading newspaper was obligatory in the past but now it has become mandatory to read daily for some time and it is one of my daily menus. I transformed from a passive learner into an active learner because of the curiosity so created, cultivated and inculcated. I was laying more stress on information but now I focus more on imagination, innovation and experimentation. BS touched and challenged my inner mental faculties and now I am intellectually attached and intoxicated.

I cultivated the habit of cutting important articles, news, views and comments from the newspaper and maintained it in a separate file. As and when, if any need arises in order to teach to my students that paper cutting help me have firm foothold on the concepts and topics of the management subjects.

Everyone wants to change for better. We want to have variety of clothes, food, lifestyles and we want to come out with flying colors from our chosen field of interest. People change from their present jobs for better prospects elsewhere. But the same people resist if there is change in policies, procedures, rules and regulations in their daily work. Why is it so? Why don’t people think that change is constant? Every change must be taken towards a better prospectus and opportunities.

When someone reads a newspaper for a long period, it becomes a routine daily activity and one can not get out of it. The values and principles of that institutionalized newspaper gradually go into the personality of such individuals. As a result, he thinks acts and does in tune with its ideals and ideas. So is the case with Business Standard. Today I have become a successful professor and writer; it is all because of these values, principles and trends. Therefore, I can say with confidence that BS contributed its best towards my success to a great extent.

Everyday I eagerly wait for this wonderful and prestigious newspaper and I begin the day only with Business Standard. My breakfast is incomplete without Business Standard. It has been my good friend, guide, philosopher, adviser, informer, messenger, motivator and my MENTOR. Not to have read Business Standard a day means it is like not to have spent my day wisely and intelligently.

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