Sunday, January 13, 2008


As I have come from a non-academic work experience I found working as an invigilator a day quite interesting and also embarrassing. Embarrassing in the sense, I do not know the procedure to be adopted for working as an invigilator for B.Tech students of JNTU, Hyderabad. Now I am working as a |Asst. Professor in Srinivas Reddy Institute of Technology, in Armoor, in Nizamabad district in Andhra Pradesh. And suddenly I found a lot of confusion. Fortunately I have been provided with an assistant staff Mr.Viswa Prakash Babu to get tuned with the invigilation procedure.

I found the identity of each student by checking personally and then allowed them inside the exam. hall. All students are to be seated by 9.45 am and the question papers would be handed by 9.55 and the exam. should start by on dot 10.00 am.

There are four sets of different questions of the same subject to minimize copying. I supplied the sets serially from first person to the last i.e.24persons (24 persons are allowed in each room. And if more than 24 persons are there then an additional invigilator would be deployed in the room).

Then I individually checked the hall ticket numbers of all the students along with the answer sheet of the each students along with the answer sheet of the each students and verified thoroughly, whether it is properly written or not and signed on the main answer booklet.

If we find that the one student is absent, we have to refund the same answer sheet along with the question paper set number. Students who arrive late to the exam. will not be allowed inside the exam hall.

We have to crosscheck whether the main booklet number, question paper set number and hall ticket number match or not. And also we have to check the faculty; regular or supplementary is also to be checked. We have to check the signature of the student and the invigilator should also sign on each answer booklet.

After 30 minutes the attendant comes to each room and takes away the answer sheets of absent students along with question paper and seating plan. If any want takes additional
Sheet it is to be written in the answer booklet along with a signature on the statement of account of additional sheet paper.

No student is allowed to go out of the exam. hall during the exam. In case of any emergency an escort has to be provided so as to ensure that no malpractice takes place.

During the exam. time invigilator should move around the hall in all corners and check if anyone copies from other students. Those students who are good at subject, they keep writing by focusing on the answer sheet. But those who are not confident, they look here and there for support to copy. No coping is allowed and no chitchatting is permitted during the process. No murmuring is allowed as it disturbs the genuine and bright students.

Before entering the hall, we thoroughly check the students physically for any chits, mobiles are not allowed, shoes are to be removed and thoroughly checked. Even on the calculator covers, students may write something on them. So we ordered them to keep all covers of calculator to be kept at the podium.

It is a great experience, memorable in my life and I thoroughly enjoyed doing the duty. In the middle of the duty, the reliever comes to take in charge for sometime to provide a break for us.

It is here we have to highlight the role of the observer. Md.Kaza Mohiddin was the observer who was upright and above board and well versed with rules and regulations. He kept checking all the rooms frequently and checked the students whenever he finds any suspicion of malpractice. The observer belongs to some other institution and he comes here to oversee the things whether the things were okay.

Extra time should not be allotted and they will be intimated just before the completion of the exam. As they can plan and prepare well by fastening the additional sheets along with the main answer booklet.

After collecting all the answer booklets, we have to check the set number, along with answer sheet number along with additional sheets, if any. We have to see whether additional sheets are proper tied with the main booklets.

Ultimately we have to arrange all the answer sheets as per the set wise and in ascending order and then to be submitted to the exam dept.

Becoming an invigilator for B Tech students of JNTU is a great privilege and it is a matter of great pride because we have vast powers to exercise and if any student involves in malpractice, the observer can recommend to JNTU for debarring the student.

Working as an invigilator gave me a great exposure, experience and provides the ability to read the psychology of the students taking tests and I went home with great happiness and satisfaction, Of course, I might have made a few mistakes as it was the first time but my friend and co-invigilator guided me properly.