Sunday, January 13, 2008


When students pass out from their educational institutions they find it very difficult to get along in a new environment as they might have studied in their local regions. They should know that they have to get adjusted to totally new situations for which they need to demonstrate their flexibility and adaptability.

Love your mother but do not hate others’ mother. You can love your caste but should not hate others’ caste. Likewise, you may love your language, region and religion but should not hate others’ language, region, and religion. As one can’t digest if an outsider hates his mother, how can the other person can digest when his mother is hated? Cultivation of right, healthy and broad mindset is essential.

The globe has become smaller with fast changing communication and technological inventions. Respecting the fellow human being with dignity is the key to survival and success. Besides the students need to possess communication skills to survive at the work place. Although the students possess the hard skills they found to be inadequate at soft skills. These days communication skills began to play a key and prominent role.

A right, healthy, broad and constructive mindset is the main thing needed for all the prospective employees. Sans right mindset, the survival and success of the students would be at stake.

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