Monday, August 4, 2008


We observe various kinds of behaviors when we interact with people. An individual’s behavior basically depends on his heredity background, socialization, perceptions and attitude. Briefly behavior can be classified into four styles. They are Expressive style, Amiable style, Analytical style and Driver style.

Individuals belong to Amiable style are usually quiet and others can work with them at ease and comfort as they are cooperative. They are flexible and adaptable. They tend to avoid risk and like to play safe in their endeavors. They are loyal to the individuals and institutions and work with dedication and discipline. They are good listeners, empathize with others and can work in teams without any ego clashes and conflicts.

However, the individuals belong to Analytical style are practical oriented and have eye for detail and follow procedures strictly. Risk avoidance is the quality of this style. Before taking any decision, they consult experts and weigh all options and then resort to decision making. They are thorough professionals and businesslike and looks for permutations and combinations before taking a final call. They are highly disciplined and like to be independent. They strongly believe in relationships but at the same time they display little emotion when dealing with others.

The individuals in the Expressive style are emotional, outgoing and like to take initiative in their endeavors. They know how to inspire others and are aggressive in their behavior. They are highly energetic and ambitious. They are extrovert in nature and like to share their dreams and ideas. They crave for recognition and rewards. They are excellent in communication and networking skills.

In the case of individuals who belong to Driver style, they are very pushy, iron willed and strong headed. They are intuitive, believe in gut feeling and do not hesitate to go for conflicts. They do not let the things happen rather they make things happen. They speak to the point precisely and like to take the charge. Often entrepreneurs belong to this style. They are high risk takers and even if they fail and fall, they rise like phoenix.

To sum it up, we cannot say that a particular style is better than the other. Every style has niceties and pitfalls and every style is unique. Knowing various behavior styles help in promoting harmonious relations.


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