Monday, August 4, 2008


It is always a debatable issue whether ethics comes first or money comes first. Present day politicians always believe in money first as it was seen in the latest no-confidence motion in the Parliament. Money played a crucial role to shift loyalties and a few politicians sold out themselves for the sake of money proving beyond doubt that it is the money not the ethics first for a few politicians. We heard that in politics, we find strange bedfellows. But in the recent incident in the Parliament they found strange bed fellows not out of policies or principles but for the sake of money. Of course, we cannot conclude that all politicians are not like that. But there is drastic change in the political system that politicians can go to any extent for their survival. Mass media clearly showed how money flowed into the parliament thereby making mockery of our democratic system.

Common people also started thinking in those lines by bending the rules of the book for their convenience. Of course, people get the government they deserve. Many people talk of ethics but, unfortunately, it is there only in the lips not at the heart.

It is said that ethics are followed by the people who have settled well in their lives. It can not be altogether concluded in that way because there are people who stick to ethics through thick and thin thereby making history like Satya Harischandra. For such people means are more important than ends.

Business people also think in these terms for their survival and growth. They always look at the loopholes rather at the law. With their sole intention of making money they are also ready to go any extent in compromising ethics so as to make money. However, we cannot generalize all business establishments in this way. For instance, Infosys was founded and funded by meager capital under the leadership of N.R.Narayana Murthy which totally believes in ethical values. Its tagline itself is – Powered by intellect and driven by values. It is purely the ethics that has made Infosys as the second biggest IT Company in India.

We cannot altogether neglect the importance of money as we all know that we cannot survive without money. Money is essential part of life and nothing moves without money. But earning money at what cost? Is it at the cost of ethics? Of course, certainly not.

There has to be set of principles and policies for the survival and success of any individual or that of any institution. If ethics are followed then the money follows of its own. It is only a matter of time. It may take little longer time if you go by ethics. But ultimately it is the ethics that is the deciding factor for success. Ethics will bring peace and prosperity. Ethics is the foundation for anything and everything. Although both ethics and money are essential but ultimately it is the ethics that takes precedence for the success of individuals and institutions.


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